flatten your mummy tummy with the MUTU System

Work it Ladies...

Sometimes we need it to happen, kinda… now.  Your mummy tummy has an annoying habit of pooching out just when someone takes a photograph at a party, when that irritating yummy mummy at the school gate walks towards you looking all groomed and just-come-from-Pilates-class, or when your other half is admiring you as you get ready in the morning.

So, here’s my quick tips for making your mummy tummy appear flatter… right now!

  • Walk and stand tall! Look straight ahead, not at the ground and roll your shoulders back and down. If your shoulders are drooping forward, chances are your stomach is too
  • Pull it in! I don’t mean sucking it in and holding your breath until you go blue, I mean drawing belly button back towards your spine and holding it there, just braced so you can breathe normally. This engages your deep core muscles and so not only will it pull your stomach flatter whilst you’re doing it, it is actually working your abs!
  • Lift yourself from the inside. Your pelvic floor is part of your system of core muscles so as you gently hold in your tummy, lift your pelvic floor too to work your core and flatten your tummy
  • Think about your feet. Mums typically have fallen arches, with feet rolling flat and in towards each other. This does nothing for your posture, so spread your toes and roll your weight onto the outsides of your feet, lifting the arches. Your weight should be in your heels and the outsides of your feet… keep thinking about lifting your feet arches and your whole body will stand tall!

And look that camera, yummy mummy or your man straight in the eye, knowing that YOU look fabulous!


Enjoy control and confidence in how your body looks, works, and feels. No more embarrassing leaks or discomfort. You deserve better and you can have it with MUTU System - the medically endorsed 12 week online recovery program for mothers.