This is a question we get asked… A LOT!

Should I engage my core all the time?

Simply put, the answer is no.

But when do you engage? And more importantly, how the heck do you grasp this whole engagement thing. What are the situations when you do need to be switched on?

  • When you’re about to do anything that is going to strain or work or give load to your core. For example: pushing something, pulling something, or lifting your child.
  • When you twist and turn during everyday movement.
  • When you are doing any type of exercise that requires your core.

IMPORTANT: If we have a muscle switched on the whole time, it can’t work properly when we really need it. You’re making it weaker. You’re putting it in a position where it has nowhere else to go.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below, where I go into detail and explain how to properly engage, when and why.

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