Sometimes women are recommended TVT surgery for severe pelvic floor weakness or stress incontinence… And sometimes it rather brilliantly turns out they don’t need it after all 🙂

At our awesome MUTU®Vation event in London last week, one of my team called me over…’You have to meet this lady!’ Cue the utterly lovely Lisa, who told me, slightly tearily, that she no longer needed her scheduled TVT surgery for post-baby stress incontinence, and that she put it all down to following the MUTU System program. She is planning on leaving her army career to train as a postpartum exercise specialist because she wants to help women feel better about themselves. Told you she’s lovely. So then of course we asked her to say it again on video…

What is TVT Surgery?

TVT refers to either Tension-Free Vaginal Tape or Trans-Vaginal Tape. It is a surgical grade tape or mesh, inserted via incisions in the abdomen and vagina as a ‘sling’ to support the urethra and prevent stress incontinence. The operation is often successful but also sometimes controversial, with some claims of infections and eroding mesh. I’m no Doctor, Surgeon or researcher… So will simply say please discuss your options with your Doctor and be as informed as you can be if you’re considering this procedure.

What I can say though is… GO LISA!! I couldn’t be more delighted that you no longer require any surgery and have enjoyed such amazing results by re-connecting and strengthening your own body with MUTU.

MUTU SystemIt is amazing and humbling to hear these stories. Remember MUTU Mama Jay, who  featured in a national UK magazine earlier this year, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and whose scheduled fitting for a catheter was later deemed unnecessary by Doctors? So inspiring!

IMPORTANT: we’re not assuming to make any medical claims, but are simply delighted and inspired to hear these women’s stories. Without exception, MUTU System recommends discussing your individual circumstances and options with a medical Doctor. Please see more information on when and how to seek advice from a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist  for severe pelvic floor weakness and related issues here, and our medical disclaimer here.

Enjoy control and confidence in how your body looks, works, and feels. No more embarrassing leaks or discomfort. You deserve better and you can have it with MUTU System - a medically endorsed 12 week online recovery programme for mothers.