Weight loss after kids (and this post actually applies to quite a long time after having kids please – this is high impact and slightly mad!) needs a little ridiculous-ness sometimes… a bit of fun, some serious heart-rate-raising  and a challenge. Please note: these exercises are NOT suitable for before 20 weeks postpartum / postnatal exercise! Jeez woman, everything’ll fall out… :0

OK, that’s the disclaimer | Only jump up and down if you can hold everything in please Ladies. (Low Impact Postnatal Cardio video can be found here).

Now if you’ve ever been to a circuit class or boot camp style workout, you’ll have experienced the dreaded burpee. They’re horrible. They’re mean. But boy do they get the heart rate up! I follow the lovely Dr Satkirin on YouTube for her amazingly strong and beautiful yoga practices… but she has begun the 50 Burpee Challenge for some fun and I thought I’d join her!

I think that’s about 24 – not even half way! Have a go, leave a comment to let us know how you did! And do video it on your phone and upload to the MUTU System facebook page – there’s a bit of competition starting up 😉

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