For ‘The 10 Things Your
Doctor Didn’t Tell You About
Your Post Baby Body’ PDF

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Here’s What People Are Saying

I just completed the 12-week MUTU program and I highly recommend it! Before I started MUTU, I tried every exercise I could find on the internet for three years, and I worked out a LOT because I was devastated by the way my stomach looked. I should have just bought MUTU years ago because nothing else worked! My Diastasis Recti has closed, my core is strong, and I now know how to stand, sit, walk, and move correctly to continue to heal my alignment and prevent future problems. The mutu forum has been awesome whenever I’ve had any questions. If you’re considering trying out MUTU, I encourage you to go for it!


I was so frustrated after looking for help for this diastasis I had dealt with for over 17 years, and I wasn’t sure there was anything out there that could truly help me. Then I got a chance to try out Wendy’s Focus and review it for my blog in 2012. I was blessed to do the exercises and feel things changing in all of my core! while I still have more improvements to make, I am so much stronger in my core now, my low back doesn’t ache at the end of the day, and I KNOW so much more about my body and how it is supposed to function. Wendy is a Godsend, she knows her stuff, and this program can and will help you recover.