More than 70,000 women

around the world have raised the
bar on their body confidence with
MUTU System

Moms of babies, toddlers, or teens

are discovering a bod that works for them,
feels amazing and looks just how they
want it to.

I am the CEO and founder of MUTU System, an author, international speaker, award
winner, mentor, coach, and certified postpartum exercise specialist and master trainer.

But, I haven’t always been the postpartum body recovery expert and Master Trainer that I am today. I didn’t know 14 years ago that my program would prove real-world evidence of incredible results for tens of thousands of women. 14 years ago, I saw only weakness, failure and shame in my own body.

In 2005 I was a 34-year old personal trainer, super fit, super ripped, and pregnant with my first child, working out with my clients right up to the third trimester.

On 6th October my daughter arrived. After 28 hours’ labour, I suffered massive hemorrhaging and needed urgent and invasive medical intervention.

Less than 2 years later, my son was born, and his birth was glorious, he emerged and literally crawled up me to feed. [all the feels]

But quickly everything changed. Searing pain as the haemorrhage came again and this time it was vicious.

I remember the paramedic’s face over me during the emergency helicopter ride, sweat pouring down his face under his helmet, urging me not to close my eyes when all I wanted was for him to go away, so I could fade away.

I felt broken. Powerless, useless at performing the most basic of female human functions. Nothing had felt instinctive or natural.

Maybe your own birth felt out of your control? Or maybe since you had your babies, even if that was a long time ago, your body just doesn’t feel like ‘you’ anymore.

  • We look down at the stretch marks, or overhang, or scars, and we don’t like it, we can’t control it, and so we shut down.
  • We pee a little (or a lot) when we sneeze or laugh too hard, sex doesn’t feel so great anymore, we feel a dragging or pulling sensation, ‘down there’ just doesn’t feel right.
  • We undress in the dark, cover our bodies, ashamed or embarrassed, and don’t look at our naked selves. Maybe we are even exercising or eating in a way that punishes our body, rather than nourishing or strengthening.
  • We see the Instagram images and the magazine articles and the never-ending reminders of what we’re supposed to be, how we’re supposed to look. We want to, but we can’t look away. We can’t stop feeling not hot enough, not together enough, not anything enough.

We settle, we accept this is as good as it gets.

No more.

I knew I deserved better than what the fitness industry and media were offering, better than what doctors and well-meaning advice told me I should ’just put up with’. You deserve better too.

10 years ago I set out to find the answers and to develop the solutions that really worked.

I was already a highly certified and experienced personal trainer. But I knew there was something missing. What I’d been taught to teach, wasn’t enough. I studied and searched for answers – in physical therapy and biomechanics as well as fitness. I consulted with pelvic health PT’s, Midwives, surgeons and sex therapists, alongside postpartum exercise specialists. I worked with hundreds of women, and virtually with thousands.

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This is why and how I created the MUTU System Program and I am as committed to empowering you to achieve your goals today as I was a decade ago.

Every woman who’s ever had a baby – 2 years ago or 20 years ago – deserves the dignity and the pleasure of a body that works and that makes her feel good.

  • So you can be the very best *you* you want to be. Not aspiring to unrealistic ideals or one-size-fits-all.

  • So you can feel supported every step of the way by real experts and an inclusive community who want to see you succeed

  • So you can live life, and enjoy activities and confidence you want to.

  • Want to run, dance, lift, workout, or play sports?

  • Want to rock your own style and own your self confidence?

  • Want to laugh hard and make crazy love without fear of leaks, discomfort or disappointment?

MUTU… So You Can

MUTU System is the right fitness
program for you if you want:

Women doing the MUTU System Program
Women doing the MUTU System programWoman doing the MUTU System program

MUTU System is the right fitness
program for you if you want:

Women doing the MUTU System Program

After using MUTU System

More Body Confidence


of MUTU mamas felt better
about their bodies*



of MUTU mamas could find
and engage their pelvic floor



of MUTU mamas
healed their diastasis recti /
separation of the stomach
muscles *



of MUTU mamas found they
leaked less urine *



of MUTU mamas saw an
improvement in their Pelvic
Organ Prolapse *



of MUTU mamas said that
sex was less painful *



Acclaimed by medical experts


I am a huge fan and advocate of MUTU System
for all moms, regardless of when
they gave birth. Wendy Powell has provided
an accessible and much needed service in
the fitness sector for postpartum women.


I see moms in my plastic surgery practice all
the time who are just a few months out from
delivery and looking to make their
pregnant-appearing belly go down. I always
recommend that they start with non-surgical
treatment before considering surgery, and
Wendy’s MUTU System is my go-to


Wendy Powell’s MUTU System is an expertly
designed program that helps women to
safely recover their fitness after having a
baby. This program is the key to recovering
your post-baby body healthfully and with
the support of trained professionals without
spending a lot of money or having to go to
the gym. This program makes it simple!


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For results you can feel and see…

Markea, Mom of 2
3 months postpartum

Rhea, Mom of 1
10 months postpartum

4 months postpartum

Laptop, tablet, and smartphone all displaying the MUTU System program

What you’ll get with MUTU System

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  • Potentially $000’s in medical fees seeking the right help

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We’ve made it easy to get the results you
want with the MUTU Kitbag. Everything you
need to workout easily and safely!
Just add to your basket at checkout

We’ve made it easy to get the results you
want with the MUTU Kitbag. Everything you
need to workout easily and safely!
Just add to your basket at checkout

You deserve the dignity of a body that works and makes you feel good