The MuTu Focus Program


MuTu Focus is the alternative to our 12 Week Program, designed specifically for those women who want to avoid all intensive exercise, whether out of personal preference or for medical reasons.

MuTu Focus is ‘just the core and alignment part’ of our main program, and deals purely with restoring core and pelvic floor function, narrowing a diastasis recti through alignment adjustments and gentle reconnection and strengthening of the core muscles.

Note: This is a digital program. Nothing is shipped. You access or download your content via our membership site and have lifetime access to all materials.

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Product Description



MuTu Focus is the alternative to our MuTu System 12 Week Program, designed especially for women who want to avoid all intensive exercise, whether out of personal preference or for medical reasons. MuTu Focus is ‘just the core and alignment part’ of our main program, and deals purely with restoring core and pelvic floor function, narrowing a diastasis recti through alignment adjustments and gentle reconnection and strengthening of the core muscles. You won’t break a sweat and it won’t directly help you lose weight, but it is gentle, safe and effective.

If you want to avoid intensive workouts entirely, or definitely don’t require food or fat loss, this is the program for you.

Don’t assume that if you already do other workouts, you’ve ‘got that covered’ and you only need Focus. If you intend to do any intensive exercise at all, go for the main program as it teaches you how to look after your core while you’re exercising!

MuTu Focus is the definitive post-baby restoration program to help heal your body after childbirth, reconnecting with and strengthening your core and pelvic floor.✻ This groundbreaking coaching program, developed by internationally respected postpartum exercise expert Wendy Powell can be downloaded instantly so you can start right away.

Show your post-baby body some love! Download MuTu Focus and enjoy ‘personal training’ from your computer, mobile or tablet from pregnancy and postpartum specialist Wendy Powell.

Step-by-step, and with clear demos and guidance, Wendy tells you exactly what to do to build the foundations of a flatter tummy and a functioning pelvic floor and answers your worries, such as:

• Why your tummy still pooches out after the pregnancy weight has gone
• Which exercises you should avoid and why
• How to test for diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
• How to assess your core strength

Bonus: Buy MuTu Focus and gain access to the MuTu Mama online community, for support from thousands of other moms and free guidance from Wendy.

Backed by medical professionals, proven by moms. MuTu Focus is endorsed by physical therapists, sex therapists and women’s health physiotherapists. Thousands of moms worldwide have successfully completed MuTu System programs and have a stronger more functional core and pelvic floor. True body confidence, inside and out! ✻

Rebuilding your core is the missing link. The healing bit can’t be skipped. No amount of exercise will flatten your post-baby tummy unless you rebuild the foundations. Your core muscles work as a team, so doing hardcore ab exercises won’t get results if your midline is weak and your pelvic floor isn’t functioning properly.


The MuTu Focus program will teach you exercises and techniques that will enable you to:

• Reconnect your core muscles and bring your midsection back to life
• Engage with and strengthen your whole core, including your pelvic floor
• Improve your alignment, so that your core works with every move you make
• Learn how to use and exercise your post-baby body safely and effectively

You will see and feel some amazing benefits:
• Strong pelvic floor = no stress incontinence and better sex
• Flatter tummy and defined waist (notwithstanding extra fat of course!)
• Reduced diastasis recti (abdominal separation) = reduced backache or pelvic pain
• Improved alignment = anti-ageing, awesome posture



Whether you had a natural delivery, or a C-section and however long ago you had your baby, this program gives you the vital exercises you must do first if you want a flat and strong post-baby tummy and a fully functioning core.

DO this program to benefit from Wendy Powell’s expertise and understanding. Wendy encourages and motivates you through highly effective exercises and adjustments that get your tummy, waistline and pelvic floor where you want them.

DO NOT accept these mums’ issues as ‘normal’:
• Mummy tummy overhang
• Pooched tummy
• Stress incontinence /urinary leaking. Leaking may be a result of pelvic floor muscles that are ineffective and weak, OR too tight (hypertonic). Both conditions require reconnecting, learning to relax the pelvic floor and to work it in correct alignment for improvement

• Lower back pain
• Poor posture
• Diastasis recti
• Prolapse*
• Hernia*

These are all common complaints among moms, but they are NOT NORMAL. In many instances, they can be GREATLY IMPROVED and symptoms alleviated – MuTu Focus will show you how. See notes at foot of page regarding prolapse and hernia before purchase.

Do you want to lose weight, tone up and get a full step by step plan, as well as fix your middle? Has your Doctor cleared you postpartum for more intensive exercise? Our 12-Week Program is just what you need. Visit HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM.


When you buy MuTu Focus, you will be sent a unique log-in and password for immediate access to the full program online, via our private membership site. This is a digital product. Nothing is shipped.

Your entire program including 12 videos of coaching, demos + real-time workouts, is presented on our membership site, to stream online, read or download, save or print as  full colour PDF at any time.

There is no expiration date to your access – you can go back as many times as you like to view videos!

The price INCLUDES unlimited lifetime access to the private, supportive MuTu Mamas community group.

We’re real people who help you the whole way! As well as support from the MuTu Mamas community, you also have access to our incredible customer services team, Team MuTu, who will respond quickly to assist you with any aspect of your program, technical or personal.


• Immediate and unlimited access to the full program ( 12 videos) on our membership site
• Lifetime access to the private MuTu Mamas support community.
• Full colour PDF manual, including photos and descriptions of all exercises and summaries of each phase of the coaching program to download and save.

Wendy clearly explains and demonstrates:
• Precise alignment
• Beautiful stretches
• Effective core exercises

Wendy presents ‘the science bit’:
• How your core muscles have been compromised and weakened
• How you can test for diastasis recti and asses your core weakness
• How these exercises and techniques are going to get positive results

You will be guided through 4-phases of the MuTu Focus program, which offers a unique combination of stretching and core strengthening and realignment techniques:
• Daily exercises will take 10-15mins
• ‘Homework’ includes daily walks and learning to adjust your alignment
• Each phase takes around two weeks to complete.

Within 6- 8 weeks, you will see and feel positive results:

You will build the essential foundations for a flatter tummy and stronger core

You will gain a strong, functioning waistline, tummy and undercarriage.



Buying MuTu Focus is just the start. You get the most cutting-edge, raved-about, tummy-restoring, body confidence boosting program available. You get unrivalled, clear instruction, demonstration and guidance. You get a unique, proven system to follow step-by-step, week-by-week. And you get the results you want. You also get something extra that’s incredibly cool. The private MuTu Mamas community is open to you as soon as you sign up to a MuTu System program. The MuTu Mamas and I are part of that group: encouraging, sharing tips and experiences, and answering questions. This vibrant, friendly, supportive community is priceless.


We offer a 100% of your money back, Satisfaction Guarantee. If you feel that our Programs do not deliver what you expected, please email us and tell us why you’re disappointed, and we’ll give you your money back. Simple as that.

P.S. from Wendy
Wendy | MuTu System“When you join MuTu System, you gain membership to a global support network of women just like you. Moms that want to feel confident, strong and gorgeous.
MuTu teaches and encourages you to make health and fitness a part of your life, not one more thing to stress over. It’s a program designed by a busy mom (me) to fit into moms’ crazy lives.
Join us! I’m right here for you the whole way: encouraging, teaching, demonstrating and dishing out a little ‘MuTu Mama in Chief’ love and expertise!
You have nothing to lose but your tummy, and your missing Mojo is waiting to be found… so click the button and I’ll see you on the first video!”

You undertake any exercise regime at your own risk. You can read our full terms here and our Medical Disclaimer specifically here. If you are unsure for any reason at all about your suitability to exercise, please consult with your Doctor before purchase and before commencing this or any other exercise program. We are always happy to discuss the content of our programs with medical professionals.

If you have been advised to avoid all intensive exercise for medical or other reasons, you should consider The MuTu Focus Program, our restricted program (no intensive workouts) intended to address only very gentle core and pelvic floor restoration.

If you are suffering with hernia, pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or any pelvic or abdominal discomfort or pain, MuTu System Limited expressly recommends you do not start any exercise program without individual medical diagnosis and advice.

Please note that our 12 Week Program contains low impact but high intensity exercise, and is NOT suitable for women with POP without express medical approval.

See here for more help on how to seek help if you are dealing with any of these conditions. You can also find more information on Pelvic Organ Prolapse here.

Our programs are approved by specialist Women’s Health Physical Therapists, and may compliment your prescribed care for these conditions, BUT MuTu System is an exercise program for healthy women, undertaken at your own risk, not a medical treatment. This, or any other exercise program, should only be undertaken with your specialist medical caregiver’s knowledge, blessing and advice regarding specific omissions or adaptations for your individual condition.

Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person.