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Why I Recommend Thinking Slimmer

Some things just work. Like getting more sleep, reducing stress, walking outside every day and eating the right food makes you look and feel better. It works. Not always easy to make a reality, but it does work. Clinically proven solution Thinking Slimmer is one of things.

It is a sad fact of our culture that many, many women have a relationship with food that doesn’t nourish their body or their soul.

More than 15 years of personal training and health coaching experience has shown me that rationally ‘simple’ solutions or strategies are often anything but ‘easy’. Not by a long shot. This might be you. Always on, or about to go on, a diet. Often struggling to make healthy food choices when unhealthy ones feel more comforting or more like a treat. Overeating, binge eating or obsessing over the scales or the latest diet craze.

You may be trying to follow an exercise regime, and you may identify with these feelings, knowing they are stopping you from getting where you want to be and seeing the results as fast as you would like. You’re working out, you’re putting in the effort, but you know your food choices are stopping you from really seeing results.

I have strategies and guidelines and I can coach and motivate and encourage, but sometime the *food thing*, runs too deep for me to help you completely tackle it, certainly through the impersonal ether of the Internet…

Sandra + me with my happy toothed kids last year!

Sandra + me with my gappy toothed kids last year!

And this is where the genius of Sandra Roycroft-Davis comes in. Sandra is a Harley Street behavioural change specialist, a cognitive hypnotherapist at the Quest Institute and an NLP Master Practitioner. She has spent years studying the psychology of eating and weight control and is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. She’s also become a very dear friend. Seriously, I trust this woman.

It sounds far too simple and inexpensive to really work. You put your earphones in for 10 minutes every night, listen to the soothing and relaxing download, and drop off to sleep. After a few weeks of doing this, you find your relationship with food has changed for the better. You don’t want to over-eat, you find yourself choosing healthier foods without feeling deprived and stopping eating when you’re full. You want to eat good food, and you want to exercise. Pretty cool. No counting, weighing, diets, surgery, fasting, points, funny drinks, misery or deprivation.

Thousands of women are experiencing lasting, effortless weight loss with a Slimpod. And you already know the worldwide medical endorsement  of MuTu System for restoring your core and pelvic floor function, as well as all-over strength and fitness.

When Slimpod and MuTu are used together – your Mommy Mojo is unstoppable!

Fat loss without deprivation, diets or hang ups PLUS a fit, strong, sexy body that makes you feel truly confident inside and out.

For the record, I am frequently asked to recommend or partner with products and brands, but decline pretty much everything that arrives in my inbox. The reason is that unless I would  personally and without reservation recommend something to my friends and clients, unless I have seen it work and feel with absolute integrity that it genuinely offers safe healthy real results…  I won’t get involved. But this product is so non-invasive, so effective, gentle, and such amazing good value… it was easy.

SANDRA IS RUNNING A SALE RIGHT NOW, so head over to grab a bargain and change your relationship with food and sugar for life. And make sure you download her free “Saying No To Sugar” e-book too!

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The Great Ethiopian Run

A couple weeks ago my family and I were in Ethiopia. We are working on editing a little video diary for you but in the meantime…

Why did I go?

So I could run the Great Ethiopian Run, a 10K in Addis Ababa to raise funds and awareness for the Hamlin Fistula Hospital Read more about why MuTu supports Hamlin Fistula here.

What did I do?

I visited the Hospital and the Midwifery College… I was inspired, delighted, humbled and blown away by the incredible work done here. Every single day they restore dignity and life to women no different to you or I, except that they had no assistance when they gave birth.

There’s so, so much more to tell, but for now, I’m sending you some pictures to give you a small taste of the smiles we met :-)

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What I Look Like When I Workout [Hot. Really Hot]

If you had never worked out or got sweaty before, and you checked out social media sites for some motivation and inspiration, you’d find pictures of lean, muscular, glistening tanned bodies, flat abs, high firm booties, perky breasts and flawless thighs. 

You know the images I mean. I won’t post one – you know what those pictures look like because you’re bombarded with them every day, on every billboard, social media site, subway and magazine ad.

‘Cool!’ you think – ‘I’ll have a piece of what she’s got!’ So you grab your t-shirt and your baggy leggings and go lift, run and bootcamp your way to gorgeousness. Awesome!

So hows that workin’ out for you? Because me? Well I don’t look like that when I workout – I look like this.

11188494_890505130991331_9152072584275732269_nThis is me after running today. Looking… you know… SMOKIN’.

I know you’ll probably find it hard to believe, but this is with no filters! No photoshop! Even the snot wiped on my tank is real. I really am this gorgeous when I work out.

My glamour and fitspo hot-ness shines through when I row too. And yes, the type of rowing I do is sponsored by a brewery. Not kimchi. Beer.

I do sometimes get treated to professional makeup, nice lighting and exhaustive editing (but never photoshop, incidentally) – so I look all perky and shiny in my videos and for press coverage. I love looking all glam and girly and scrubbed-up sometimes.

But this is the real workout version. Sweating is rarely pretty.

So if those oily, ripped, zero-body-fat bodies you see on Pinterest inspire you, then knock yourself out with Fitspo. But if they make you feel bad, not good-enough or disheartened? Walk away Honey.

They’re mostly not even real. Heavily photoshopped and altered, filtered, fancy lighting, lots of oil and shading… Not a great deal of food.

And if you are lean, ripped, perky and flawless? Well then respect and love, Ma’am, you look flippin’ fabulous. We all do.

Body shaming is shameful, whichever direction its coming from.


I think we ALL look pretty damn cool when our bodies are working hard. And if my pics give you a giggle and make you more concerned with how you’re moving than how you look… You’re welcome.

And PS. THIS is why I’m in running training. Please, please help if you can!

MuTu Threads Have Arrived!


A few months ago we surveyed our MuTu Mama community on how your perfect Tee shaped up. It had to be the right length… crop tops were not top of your list… You wanted quality, soft fitted cotton, a flattering short sleeve, and no itchy labels.

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You wanted jewellery too!

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Crunches, Curl-Ups + Diastasis Recti

Doing a standard crunch or sit-up is generally not recommended for postpartum women, especially when we know a diastasis recti or DRA is present. This is because the way a crunch is generally performed has the effect of severely increasing intra abdominal pressure, pushing your organs outwards against or through the gap, and downwards onto the pelvic floor – directions you really don’t want your organs forcefully heading. You can actually see what you’re training your abs to do if you look straight down as you curl up: a cone shape, bread-loaf shape or a pregnant looking belly… these are clear signs of diastasis recti, a core not working right… and not the effect you’re working out to achieve! See animated image >>>


COPYRIGHT MuTu System Limited 2015. Express permission required for reproduction in any form.


And so postpartum exercise specialists and Womens Health Physiotherapists recommend against crunches until the core musculature (including pelvic floor) is fully restored and strong enough to withstand the movement.

BUT… and there is a *but* here… supine spinal flexion (the forward curl-up motion from lying on your back) engages and shortens the rectus abdominis muscle. The rectus is the vertical, ‘six-pack’ abdominal muscle, the exact same superficial abdominal muscle that has separated from its midline connective tissue, and weakened with a diastasis recti. A diastasis compromises all your ab muscles, both laterally as the gap widens from side to side, as well as lengthways along the stretched and weakened rectus. So exercising to shorten it, if performed correctly, is a good thing.

The other *but*, is that spinal flexion (bending forward, whether lying on your back or in any other position) is a perfectly natural human, functional movement. Sometimes, you want or need to curl your body, or bend forward. Not repetitively, or excessively, but you might want to curl all the same.

So if it’s both potentially beneficial in shortening the stretched-out rectus, and its essentially functional, why do we tell you not to do it?

2 main reasons:

  1. Very importantly, because BEFORE you can train the abdominal muscles in this way effectively, you need to have trained the deeper abdominal muscles: the Transverse, the Inferior Obliques and the Exterior Obliques to all work together, along with the muscles of your pelvic floor. This vital phase of mind-to-muscle reconnection, of learning to recruit and engage the right muscles, first in isolation and then as a unit, must come first. That’s what MuTu System does.
  2. And also very importantly, because there’s an awful lot of ways of doing it wrong that will make a diastasis or weak pelvic floor worse, not better. Often a crunch is performed whilst sucking in, or holding your breath, causing your stomach to pooch or bulge out and your organs to bear down on your pelvic floor. Often the hip flexors and lower back are taking most of the strain, and the targeted muscles, the rectus abdominis as well as the deep transverse abdominis muscle, are not recruiting at all, whilst the diastasis gap is widening further.

And so unless a specialist is right there with you to help you gauge whether midline tension of the core musculature is being maintained, and pelvic floor function is controlled and protected, you will do more harm than good. It is preferable and much safer to find alternatives with techniques and patterns which have less potential to harm.

KimVopniAnd talking of specialists… I spent time recently in LA with my great friend and peer Kim Vopni of Pelvienne Wellness where we had been asked to consult for an exercise instructor training company on adapting workouts for pregnancy and postpartum. As we played and experimented with various adapted ‘crunch’ movements, we decided it was time to put this information out there! We both regularly recommend against crunches, when giving general, online advice where careful personal supervision isn’t possible. By the very nature of much of Kim’s work, as well of course as the MuTu System online program and blog, we simply cannot be ‘hands-on’ enough to be sure you’re getting it right and therefore caution prevails.

I also wanted to write this because often a Women’s Health Physiotherapist will specifically prescribe a variation of a curl movement at the appropriate stage of her client’s recovery, and I know (because you regularly write to me about it) that you worry that ‘all crunches are bad’. Be mindful that your therapist or Physio will be carefully monitoring and cue-ing breathing and technique to ensure the right muscles are doing the work and full benefits are being achieved. Your stage of restoration is appropriate, you’re recruiting the right muscles…

…The movement is not a bad movement. You just need to be sure you’re getting it right, and that your body is ready for it.


Well, first of course please know that you must have achieved foundation training for the deeper abdominal muscles before a curl up of any description is going to be effective. Then:

1. Are you able to isolate and engage your core effectively?

Try this from lying on your back with knees bent up and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on your ‘hip bones’ – the bony corners that jut out at the front of your pelvis on each side). Move your fingers slightly inwards and downwards from there, where its soft. Exhale as you gently draw your abs inwards, whilst engaging your pelvic floor muscles. Imagine you’re drawing a tampon further up inside you. When you engage your TVA and PFM, you will feel a tensing of the broad flat muscle under the pads of your fingers. It should be tensing downwards, towards your body, not bulging, pushing or straining outwards. If your stomach pooches or pushes away, if you’re holding your breath or the movement is forceful, then you’re working the outer abdominal muscles and TVA isn’t doing its thing.

2. Your body’s clear signals you’re doing it wrong

Watch for these danger signs when attempting to engage your core without strain first, then especially when performing any abdominal exercise. If you are experiencing (feeling and/or seeing) any of these symptoms when intra abdominal pressure is increased, you’re not getting it right, and you’re doing more harm than good. Back up. You’re not ready yet.

  • Bulging or doming anywhere on your abdomen when you do any exercise
  • Bulging in or from your vagina or rectum, or any feeling of heaviness or ‘bearing down’
  • Pain – In your back, pelvis, abdomen, hips or leg
  • Leaking urine or faeces when you sneeze, laugh or cough; or leaking as you’re rushing to the toilet

3. Try it!

To perform a curl or crunch, keep the range of movement very small at first. By that I mean don’t lift your head and shoulders very high off the ground – there is no muscular benefit to curling right up anyway. And keep the levers short – so knees bent up, feet flat on the floor.

Straight legs, outstretched arms, raised legs or any adjustment that increases the load, increases the strain and will result in bulging. Inhale fully with your head and shoulders completely relaxed on the floor. Then exhale slowly and focus on gently engaging your abdominal muscles as well as your pelvic floor muscles, as you lift your head and shoulders just off the floor. Relax completely back down on the inhale. Watch for doming, straining and be mindful of how your pelvic floor feels.

Increase intensity one small shift at a time: straighten your legs out a little more, but keep knees still bent and feet flat. Take arms outstretched above your head to increase the lever. Hold a small pilates ball or child’s football in your outstretched arms and squeeze it gently between flat palms as you lift, engage and exhale. Just try one of these changes at a time – each will have a big effect on your ability to maintain tension in the midline of your abdomen.


Diane LeeKim and I ran our thoughts past highly respected renowned Physiotherapist and teacher Diane Lee of Diane Lee & Associates who confirmed: “Absolutely abdominal curls are important! Just not full abdominal sit ups. All the abs are impacted by DRA (Brauman 2009) and need attention. … It’s a wrong message to say never do a curl up! That isn’t life, but we have to teach the curl-up properly and ensure that tension is maintained in the midline. When the belly bulges or the midline domes that is the clue that the deep system is off and the PFM have to work so much harder to resist the increased pressure. So by all means teach abdominal flexion exercises – with a focus on the strategy and not the reps. … always feel for midline tension and abdominal flattening not bulging…”

Diane generously provides a lot more technical detail than I have included above for ease of understanding in the context of this post. If you would like to dig deeper into Diane’s work and listen to full lectures, visit her amazing new Learn With Diane Lee website, full of free resources and video.


I hope this helps clarify a little on the big Crunch Debate! There are no crunches in the MuTu System programs for the simple reason that as mentioned above, until the foundations of core reconnection and muscle recruitment are established, they won’t help! But once that stage has been reached, shortening and strengthening the rectus muscle along its length through carefully supervised increasing ranges of motion, can be both functional and beneficial.

Just make sure you’re doin’ it right :-)

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I Need a Strong Core So I Can Do THIS

INeedAStrongCoreSoICan_02Thing I am asked most often about postpartum exercise (even very postpartum exercise)… ‘When Can I Do *Proper* Ab Work?’

You want to plank and crunch. You’re just itching to get back to all that planking and crunching.

So I’m going to ask you to just stop for minute and consider, ‘why?’ WHY do you want to plank or crunch? So that you can, you know, do loads of planks and crunches? For what exactly?

See, doing the exercise isn’t the goal. Or it shouldn’t be. We’re measuring the wrong things here. Surely we do the exercises so that we can do cool stuff like lift and run and row (well I like to row, but each to their own). So for me, I get my MuTu on regularly, consistently and as part of an ongoing desire to have a core that works, so that I can do THIS >>>

Because to pull like hell through rough water with a 13-foot solid wooden oar for anything from 17 minutes in a race to an hour or more in training,  well… you need a core that works.

I like running and lifting, and you need a core that works for them too, otherwise you pee yourself which is NOT cool.

I also like climbing and clambering and playing and surfing… all of which also require a core that works and is strong. All of which are also a lot more fun than *doing a plank*.

We want a strong core so we can DO stuff, without leaking, bulging, straining or hurting. We want a strong core so our body works and moves and makes us feel good. Hang out in the gym if you love hanging out in the gym. But if you don’t (I don’t), do the exercises, so you can go do cool fun stuff instead.

So what do YOU need a strong core for?

Tweet yours! Just click the birdie and fill in the blank #INeedAStrongCoreSoICan

Tweet: #INeedAStrongCoreSoICan [fill in the blank!] #MuTuSystem

Apparently… #MyJobIsVaginas

MyJobisTealMy 8-yo son got extra house points in school this week for answering the question ‘How do you tell if a baby is a boy or a girl?’ Hand straight up: ‘The boy will have a penis, the girl will have a vagina”.

He told me later “Some of them laughed. Which is very silly because everyone’s got them. Can I go out on my bike now?”

My kids tell me, “But Mummy, your JOB is vaginas. So we know this stuff”. Awesome. #MyJobIsVaginas‬.

(Can we get that hashtag trending…?)

BTW if anyone is looking for help in introducing ‘body stuff’ to their little ones – I hugely recommend this book It’s Not The Stork (it’s the first in a series of 3 for as they get older). Me and my kids (now 8 and 9, they first started looking at it a couple years ago) snuggle up with this book, take just a couple pages at a time, giggle at the pictures, they ask questions… Every time we revisit, they pick up on something else, ask different questions. Don’t feel you have to *cover everything* in one sitting. We go at their pace.

My boy as he went to bed with the book the day of his vagina revelations to the class: “Well, this is all VERY interesting”. Bless him.

Tweet it. You know you want to.

Tweet: #MyJobIsVaginas ... via @mutusystem