Obstetric Fistula | If You’ve Not Heard Of It, You’re One Of The Lucky Ones. Like Me.

IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME. HOW ABOUT YOU OR A WOMAN YOU KNOW? Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is a truly incredible organisation founded and run by truly incredible people. Every day they restore dignity and wellbeing to women suffering from devastating birth injuries. When I first learned about the work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, their work, the women they help... I connected as I know many of you … [Read more...]

The Gap Isn’t The Problem – The Lack Of Function Is. Why Closing a Diastasis Recti May Not Be The Answer

MuTu System programs, endorsed by specialist physical therapists and physios worldwide, are grounded in a whole-body approach to alignment and foundation core connection for natural activation. MuTu System has never advocated the use of a splint or binder to 'pull' a compromised core or diastasis recti back into place. New research from Diane Lee confirms this hypothesis - that merely to aspire to … [Read more...]

What’s Alignment Got To Do With Diastasis Recti?

I talk a lot about the importance of walking in minimal shoes, of standing, moving and squatting in correct alignment in order to address core and pelvic floor muscle weakness. But what's the connection? What's alignment got to do with a Diastasis? Diastasis recti is a symptom, a sign, of a core that is not functioning entirely as it should.  There are a great many factors (some habitual, some … [Read more...]

The Exercise Part is Important. But Not As Important As This.

Last month I visited 5 US cities, speaking + hosting MuTuVation workshops with small groups of Moms. Nobody quite knew what to expect (including me), and so the trust of these women in giving up a full day with their families and paying to come and meet that 'British MuTu Tummy Woman' was humbling. 4 super cool experts in their fields of pelvic physical therapy, sex (Oh yes. We had sex experts … [Read more...]

Animal Gelatin, Rebuilding Postpartum Collagen, Diastasis Recti… + Vegetarians

HEALING DIASTASIS RECTI + PELVIC FLOOR AFTER CHILDBIRTH WITH NUTRITION Requires adjustments to alignment and load bearing, entire core musculature reconnection and strengthening, great nutrition, hydration... and rebuilding collagen. Collagen is the stuff that binds together at the front of your abdomen, where all the abdominal muscles meet (or not in the case of a diastasis!). If the collagen … [Read more...]

Why MuTu System Recommends Thinking Slimmer

SOME STUFF JUST WORKS Like I tell you how getting more sleep, walking every day and eating the right food makes you look and feel better. It works. Clinically proven solution Thinking Slimmer is one of things. Many many women have a relationship with food and dieting that doesn't nourish their body or their soul. More than a decade of personal training and coaching experience has shown me … [Read more...]

“If Planks Aren’t The Best PostPartum Exercises, PROVE IT”

Don't believe it just because you read it on the internet. Or because an 'expert' wrote it. One exercise physiologist and personal trainer who wrote to me certainly didn't. Fair enough. But 'prove it' when referring to why NOT to do something can be a little tricky... So, somewhere I had written this: "Exercise 'knowledge' does women a diservice, by having us believe that we must... perform … [Read more...]

“Fix Your Alignment With This 12 Week Program” [Sorry. Won’t Happen]

Frustratingly my Loves, our alignment isn't quickly or easily fixed. Bummer. I mean you bought the program, you ditched your heels and started walking in barefoot shoes. You did those stretches every day (ish) for at least 2 weeks. You pretty much did as you were told for the whole 12 weeks, so how come this  alignment thing isn't fixed? I started to read about alignment in 2011, as in, the … [Read more...]

Are We Measuring All The Wrong Things?

I've got this feeling that sometimes we use all the wrong criteria and metrics to determine our health, fitness or wellbeing. Sometimes we're just plain missing the point. "Barefoot shoes cause injuries. It must be true because a barefoot shoe company got sued." The shoes didn't cause the injury. That's like saying that your own feet are dangerous for your body (since barefoot shoes, by … [Read more...]

MuTu System Reviews | Straight From The Mouths of Mamas

READ MUTU SYSTEM TESTIMONIALS BELOW FOR LIVE UPDATES FROM OUR CUSTOMERS! We are super proud of the lovely things that our customers say about us (you watch videos here or read what the Medics say here) but I figured I'd also simply open up this page for customers to tell you what they think. You know, uncut. Thank-you so, so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience of … [Read more...]