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Why You Should Stop Measuring Your Diastasis. Or Anything Else For that Matter.

Diastasis-Recti | MuTu System

Here are some questions I am asked A LOT about diastasis recti. 'Do I measure the gap when my head + shoulders are resting on the floor, or raised up?' 'Is the real size of the gap when the muscles are relaxed or when they are engaged?' 'Why is my gap wider at some points than at others?' ''My gap is larger at night than in the morning. Which is the right measurement?' 'I get more doming of my abs … [Read more...]

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My Kid Teaches Me A Thing Or Two About Alignment


My office is full of yoga mats + bolsters + blocks, but no chairs. So I have a standing workstation + lots of comfy stuff on the floor for when I feel like chilling.   My little boy Stanley (he's 6) came out to hang with me after school + do iPad stuff, (it's hard to tell a kid to get off a computer when you're on one isn't it?!). He made himself comfortable arranging his cushions + settled in, + … [Read more...]

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For New Moms | 6 Things That Don’t Matter At All, + 2 Things That Do

barefoot walking | MuTu System

Here's some stuff that all Moms at some point either feel bad about, or think they're doing wrong: How you give birth The source of the milk you feed your baby Where your baby sleeps When your baby sleeps The fact that you care that your stomach isn't flat The fact that you don't care that your stomach isn't flat. ...Not to mention screen time, whether you spend time doing crafty … [Read more...]

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So Does That Come From Yoga? Or Pilates? Or Did We Just Invent It?


Definitions in fitness + wellbeing are funny. People get terribly precious about the origins of certain moves, whether they really come from Yoga, or Pilates, or the So + So Method or whether someone owns or invented an exercise. Yoga can lay claim to an awful lot, simply by virtue of its longevity - there are many claims + theories which I am woefully unqualified to weigh in on, regarding 'How … [Read more...]

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Why Sometimes It Feels Sucky Before It Feels Good

Dr Seuss quote

We women rely on our intuition, our instincts, a lot. They serve us well + are almost always the very best signals we have to guide us when to Go + when to Stop. Except when they're not.  Making Big Changes can be one of these times. Deciding that you want to feel better about the way your body feels (+ looks, but feels is where it starts) marks the beginning of Making Some Big Changes. To … [Read more...]

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Chance to Win a FREE MuTu Program AND a FREE Slimpod!


*UPDATE 20TH FEB 2014 | THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES* THOUSANDS of women are experiencing lasting, effortless weight loss with a Slimpod. And thousands are discovering a strong core, a flatter tummy + all-over tone + fitness with MuTu System. When both are used together – Slimpod + MuTu – your Mummy Mojo is unstoppable! MuTu System has joined up with Sandra Roycroft-Davis, … [Read more...]

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Pelvic Floor Infographic | If Easily Offended by References to Vaginas (or Peanuts), Don’t Look

Pelvic-floor-Infographic | MuTu System

Pelvic Floor Exercises 101! You loved our Diastasis Recti Infographic. So we made you one telling you everything you need to know about your Under Carriage. Learn, giggle... pick up a peanut... + please SHARE! Pin it, Facebook it, Tweet it - this is a part of our bodies we really need to get more familiar with :-)   … [Read more...]

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Mama Judging. Don’t Go There.

You know that Mom? The Mom at the school gate, or in the mall with her toddler, who looks so damn together? Her hair is brushed, her expression gives nothing away, she's wearing clothes that weren't made for a pregnant woman, or a man, + her child is gumming an apple or an avocado. Yes that one. The one you hate. You know really that she is no better than you. But don't hate her. We get awful … [Read more...]

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Women’s Health Physiotherapist Recommends MuTu System

Women's Health Physiotherapist recommends MuTu System

I was delighted this week to be contacted by Lead Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Central Health Physiotherapy in London, Claire-Anne Rutherford, who wrote: "...I am a clinical specialist in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and have been reading the great work you’ve been doing and all the sound advice you’ve been giving to women.  It’s great to find a fitness professional who really does … [Read more...]

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Before + After Pictures | MuTu Mama Anastasia’s Amazing Results!

Before + After | MuTu System | Anastasia

You, Ma'am... are very, very welcome. Persistence paid off :) "Thank you Wendy Powell for your awesome 12wks program! I have eaten well ( changed my diet + my family benefits too), exercised even more regularly (some hot days walking with cranky kids sometimes LOL), gained more confidence (fit my old clothes + spend $$ for the new ones btw ;)), better skin appearance... not sure what else that … [Read more...]

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