The Exercise Part is Important. But Not As Important As This.

Last month I visited 5 US cities, speaking + hosting MuTuVation workshops with small groups of Moms. Nobody quite knew what to expect (including me), and so the trust of these women in giving up a full day with their families and paying to come and meet that 'British MuTu Tummy Woman' was humbling. 4 super cool experts in their fields of pelvic physical therapy, sex (Oh yes. We had sex experts … [Read more...]

Animal Gelatin, Rebuilding Postpartum Collagen, Diastasis Recti… + Vegetarians

HEALING A DIASTASIS RECTI + YOUR PELVIC FLOOR AFTER CHILDBIRTH Requires adjustments to alignment and load bearing, entire core musculature reconnection and strengthening, great nutrition, hydration... and rebuilding collagen. Collagen is the stuff that binds together at the front of your abdomen, where all the abdominal muscles meet (or not in the case of a diastasis!). If the collagen doesn't … [Read more...]

Why MuTu System Recommends Thinking Slimmer

SOME STUFF JUST WORKS. Like I tell you how getting more sleep, walking every day and eating the right food makes you look and feel better. It works. Thinking Slimmer is one of things. Many many women have a relationship with food and dieting that doesn't nourish their body or their soul. More than a decade of personal training and coaching experience has shown me that rationally … [Read more...]

MuTuVation Speaker Profile | Pelvic Guru, Tracy Sher | Chicago 10/22

CHICAGO GUEST SPEAKER, RENOWNED PELVIC PHYSICAL THERAPIST AKA 'THE PELVIC GURU!   I knew there was little serendipity going on when I was planning the MuTuVation tour dates, and found that the International Pelvic Pain Society were holding their conference in Chicago the very same week I would be in town. Tracy is an elected Board Director of the IPPS, and graciously agreed to take a day … [Read more...]

MuTuVation Speaker Profile | Alignment + Fascia Masterclass with Brooke Thomas | NYC 10/25

ALIGNMENT MASTERCLASS FROM NYC GUEST SPEAKER, BROOKE THOMAS I am thrilled to have Brooke Thomas giving an exclusive session on Fascia and Alignment [see below for the outline!] at the MuTuVation workshop in NYC on 10/25!. The day will cover everything you don’t understand about your body, the stuff you’d like to change about your body, what its OK to feel and look like after you’ve had babies, … [Read more...]

MuTuVation Speaker Profile | Integrative Pelvic Health Expert, Jessica Drummond | Houston 10/20

GUEST SPEAKER IN HOUSTON, JESSICA DRUMMOND, MPT, CCN, CHC.    Jessica's session on Nourishment for Postpartum Recovery [see below for the outline!] is the perfect compliment to our MuTuVation workshop, which will cover everything you don’t understand about your body, the stuff you’d like to change about your body, what its OK to feel and look like after you’ve had babies, and whats not … [Read more...]

MuTuVation Speaker Profile | Sexual Health Expert, Deena Goodman | Los Angeles 10/18

THE FIRST OF OUR MUTUVATION WORKSHOPS  -  IN JUST A FEW DAYS IN WEST HOLLYWOOD! I'd like to introduce you to our guest speaker in LA, Deena Poll Goodman, PT, WCS, BCB-PMD. Deena's session on Sexual Health [see below for the outline!] will be the perfect compliment to the agenda for the workshop, which will cover everything you don’t understand about your body, the stuff you’d like to change about … [Read more...]

“If Planks Aren’t The Best PostPartum Exercises, PROVE IT”

Don't believe it just because you read it on the internet. Or because an 'expert' wrote it. One exercise physiologist and personal trainer who wrote to me certainly didn't. Fair enough. But 'prove it' when referring to why NOT to do something can be a little tricky... So, somewhere I had written this: "Exercise 'knowledge' does women a diservice, by having us believe that we must... perform … [Read more...]

My Best Girlfriend, Your Best Girlfriend, A $50 Gift + A Chance To Win A Private MuTu Masterclass!

I WANT TO SHARE A STORY WITH YOU... ... it's a part of My Story. And then I'm going to ask you to share yours. My story is about my best friend when I was pregnant, and now. I know you've got one too - the friend you shared probably more with (at some moments) than even your partner, the friend you experienced the journey with, the tears and laughter, the ice cream or the hysteria, the worries … [Read more...]

“Fix Your Alignment With This 12 Week Program” [Sorry. Won’t Happen]

Frustratingly my Loves, our alignment isn't quickly or easily fixed. Bummer. I mean you bought the program, you ditched your heels and started walking in barefoot shoes. You did those stretches every day (ish) for at least 2 weeks. You pretty much did as you were told for the whole 12 weeks, so how come this  alignment thing isn't fixed? When I started to understand alignment a few years ago, … [Read more...]