My Best Girlfriend, Your Best Girlfriend, A $50 Gift + A Chance To Win A Private MuTu Masterclass!

I WANT TO SHARE A STORY WITH YOU... ... it's a part of My Story. And then I'm going to ask you to share yours. My story is about my best friend when I was pregnant, and now. I know you've got one too - the friend you shared probably more with (at some moments) than even your partner, the friend you experienced the journey with, the tears and laughter, the ice cream or the hysteria, the worries … [Read more...]

“Fix Your Alignment With This 12 Week Program” [Sorry. Won't Happen]

Frustratingly my Loves, our alignment isn't quickly or easily fixed. Bummer. I mean you bought the program, you ditched your heels and started walking in barefoot shoes. You did those stretches every day (ish) for at least 2 weeks. You pretty much did as you were told for the whole 12 weeks, so how come this  alignment thing isn't fixed? When I started to understand alignment a few years ago, … [Read more...]

Are We Measuring All The Wrong Things?

I've got this feeling that sometimes we use all the wrong criteria and metrics to determine our health, fitness or wellbeing. Sometimes we're just plain missing the point. "Barefoot shoes cause injuries. It must be true because a barefoot shoe company got sued." The shoes didn't cause the injury. That's like saying that your own feet are dangerous for your body (since barefoot shoes, by … [Read more...]

MuTu System Reviews | Straight From The Mouths of Mamas

We are super proud of the lovely things that our customers say about us (you can see a ton of direct quotes here and videos here. You can also read what the Medics say here) but... ... I FIGURED I'D ALSO SIMPLY OPEN UP THIS PAGE FOR CUSTOMERS TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY THINK. YOU KNOW, UNCUT. We do moderate comments (sorry, no links), to keep spam at bay and so we can respond where necessary. But … [Read more...]

Tickets to MuTuVation USA Live Events on Sale Today!

Last Summer our UK customers asked for a live workshop. An opportunity to learn, get inspired and receive hands-on expert help with the parts of fitness, alignment, healthy eating and exercise, especially core strengthening, they were struggling with. So we held MuTuVation London, a fabulous day-long workshop for Mums and their tummies (and in some cases, their babies too!). I invited top Women's … [Read more...]

That Thing We’re Doing? It’s Not Working.

"Nothing will work unless you do" – Maya Angelou It seems that only as a passenger on a plane that is falling out of the sky, are we ever expressly given permission to take care of ourselves, in order to take care of others. 'Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others'. Because you're no darn use to your child or anyone else if you can't breathe. Self care is a buzzword right now and … [Read more...]

Is Crossfit Really So Bad For Fit, PostPartum Moms?

The increasingly popular culture and big business of Crossfit has caused quite a ruckus of late amongst us women's health professionals. And with very good reason, since any workout which actually causes women to occasionally urinate on themselves has got to have you asking 'Really? You do this to make you strong? And you can't hold in your pee?' Ain't nothin' strong about wetting yourself, … [Read more...]

Why MuTu System Won’t Fix You

MuTu System can't fix you and I don't try to. Empowering you is a lot more effective. When we’ve got a problem, mostly, we’re looking to fix it. Sometimes we need the solution just there, ready-to-go, sometimes we just need a little more information, and sometimes we actually don’t expect to have it fixed for us at all, we just want someone to listen. When it comes to our bodies, … [Read more...]

Why You Should Stop Measuring Your Diastasis | Or Anything Else For that Matter.

HOW DO I MEASURE MY DIASTASIS RECTI? I'm asked these questions all the time... 'Do I measure the gap when my head and shoulders are resting on the floor, or raised up?' 'How high up to I lift?' 'Is the real size of the gap when the muscles are relaxed or when they are engaged?' 'Why is my gap wider at some points than at others?' ''My gap is larger at night than in the morning. Which is the … [Read more...]

My Kid Teaches Me A Thing Or Two About Alignment

My office is full of yoga mats and bolsters and blocks, but no chairs. So I have a standing workstation and lots of comfy stuff on the floor for when I feel like chilling. My little boy Stanley (he's 6) came out to hang with me after school and do iPad stuff, (it's hard to tell a kid to get off a computer when you're on one isn't it?!). He made himself comfortable arranging his cushions and … [Read more...]