MuTu System | The Science Bit

Should you do Pilates, yoga or boot-camp?

What should you eat?

Will planks or sit-ups get your a flat stomach?

How often, how hard and how long should you work out?

Confused? Don’t be!

Because MuTu® System has done the work for you.

MuTu System is the proven, definitive combination of rules and techniques that will get you the post-baby stomach and body you want.

The MuTu System has 5 interconnecting elements, woven together into a series of workouts, motivational strategies and food guidelines that are specifically designed to put a mothers body where she wants it.

MuTu is for real women like you, getting stronger, fitter, leaner, sexier and more confident, for good.

MuTu Core | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Core. The *find your waist and flatten your tummy* bit. MuTu Core is the foundation of MuTu System. It’s where you learn what has gone on ‘in there’ and how to repair and restore it, including corrective exercise for diastasis recti and pelvic floor weakness.



MuTu Breathe | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Breathe. The *tone your pelvic floor and chill out* bit. MuTu Breathe is where you learn unique, restorative yoga breathing exercises devised by our MuTu System collaborator and renowned pre/postpartum Yogini. These techniques are relaxing, but they also tone and resettle your pelvic organs and pelvic floor which go way beyond ‘squeeze like you’re trying not to wee’…


MuTu Intensive | MuTu New Mum | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu New Mum / MuTu Intensive. The *time to get sweaty and shape your body* bit. Short, intensive workout programmes (just 15 minutes a day!) designed to tighten and tone where you are weak and soft, and to lengthen and shape your muscles that are tense. These are not generic workouts! Clear adaptations and progressions for new moms and not so new!


MuTu Posture | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Alignment. The *stand tall and fix your middle* bit. MuTu Alignment teaches you adjustments to the way you hold and move your body when you stand and walk, as well as stretches and toning exercises to get you looking fabulous and walking with body confidence and ease. Alleviate back pain and tension, take the pressure off your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, lose those rounded shoulders, and see an incredible difference in the way your whole body looks!


MuTu Food | The MuTu System for your mummy tummy

MuTu Food. The *eat right with no hang ups* bit. MuTu Food is not a diet, or separate, complicated meals with  impossible-to-find ingredients. It gives you a shopping list to get you started, snack, breakfast lunch and dinner suggestions which are incredibly simple to prepare and that are intended for the whole family to eat. Your home will never hear ‘Mom’s on a diet’ again!

MuTu System was devised by Wendy Powell, a British mother of two and highly experienced and internationally respected pre and post-natal / postpartum fitness professional.

MuTu System really ‘GETS’ the physical changes, the practicalities, hormones, emotions and pressures that all mums face. It is a breath of fresh air and an end to all the confusing or misleading advice you have ever heard about losing your baby weight.