Pelvic Floor Infographic


You loved our Diastasis Recti Infographic. So we made you one telling you everything you need to know about your Under Carriage. Learn, giggle… pick up a peanut… and please SHARE! Pin it, Facebook it, Tweet it – this is a part of our bodies we really need to get more familiar with…
Pelvic-floor-Infographic | MuTu System

  • Andrea

    This is just what I needed! Just found out I have POP and I am thankful to have the help and know how to heal!!!

    • Wendy Powell

      Glad to help Andrea :-)

  • Janine Grevious

    Hi Wendy, is this the program I would use to elieve Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction? I had my baby 5 days ago and I am still in pain

    • Stephie

      Please be careful with resistance leg exercises (squeezing together) and SPD. They totally exacerbated pain for me and are not recommended by other SPD web sites. The other stuff is fab though.

  • Sharon

    Hi Wendy, I just purchased the focus program, will it help with a mild bladder prolapse ?

  • ansai

    Thanks for the pretty infographic! As for 3) – do you mean “Resist exercises that involve squeezing and moving apart of legs against resistance”..? What about the MuTu Focus exercise where we go into a bridge using resistance band and pilates ball between our knees? Or is “Resist” the description of this category of exercises, rather than a warning…? *confused*

    • Wendy Powell

      Sorry if that’s confusing Ansai, I hadn’t read it like that! No it doesn’t mean ‘resist’ as in, ‘avoid’! Squeezing together (adduction) or pulling apart (abduction) against resistance is GOOD for your pelvic floor!

    • Lalybro

      I am so glad you asked that question, Ansai! I was wondering the same thing about the word “Resist” being above those exercises.

  • erica

    My last of 7 kids is now 9 and I just found you! I’ve had uterine prolapse for 12+ years. I realize I am not very aware of my body/undercarriage, but now I realize I feel myself bearing downward or outward regularly for no apparent reason. What should I think or do to correct this?

  • erica

    I’m 43 now and I seem to notice more of a uterine prolapse issue when my hormones are shifting. Is this really connected? Any insights on what would be helpful?

    • Wendy Powell

      Yes, hormone balance with lifestyle + most importantly, dietary shifts will definitely help. In a nutshell, you need plenty of good protein, essential fats in abundance, hydration and a tonne of greens. Alongside getting plenty of sleep, limiting screen time especially in the evening (to help you wind down) + limiting stress as much as you possibly can will all help. But I must reiterate again that a Women’s Health Physiotherapist should be your first port of call to ensure that any restorative program, however gentle, is appropriate for your needs