You may feel uncomfortable in your new body, like it’s not ‘you’. You don’t like to look at or touch the parts where your baby came out and have emotionally cut off from down there for a while… You’re worried something’s wrong because you leak when you exercise, sneeze or cough; or because your abs have two sides that look like they’ll never meet again.

You have Googled every symptom, physical quirk, emotion and sensation, desperate to find out what’s ‘normal’ and you’ve searched so hard you’ve found cast-iron evidence that you’re seriously broken. Quite frankly, it feels like a depressing uphill struggle to get anywhere near ‘fixed’.

Many women sadly experience negative thoughts as they struggle to deal with the changes in their body following pregnancy and childbirth. But self-diagnosing on the internet, creating or ‘confirming’ fears about their body with a collection of unfounded opinions and advice.

Online support for mums is plentiful: forums, groups and blogs are a valuable source of shared experiences, but when it comes to our body, we should be careful where we get our advice.

If you feel like the advice you’ve received about your post-natal body is confusing, contradictory, overwhelming, or depressing, step away from Dr Google, go to the GP if you’re worried (read more here about referral to a specialist), get some perspective, and try to replace the negative thoughts with more positive ideas. Here are some reasons to RELAX about your post-baby body that may be helpful:

  1. Look what you made: The reason your body has changed is that astounding, beautiful baby, so maybe it’s not such a bad trade off after all
  2. Its temporary: When you feel low about your body, remind yourself you’re more in control than you think you are
  3. Time will heal you: C-section scars will fade, pelvic floor function can be improved, your core can be strengthened, and the separation of abdominal muscles can be narrowed. Given time, nature will heal you to a degree, and the rest can be achieved with the right advice
  4. Your baby doesn’t care about your looks: It’s great to have a resolution to get strong and healthy, but if you’re concerned about the cosmetic stuff (stretch marks or a flabby tummy), remind yourself that your baby and partner think you’re are perfect just the way you are
  5. Grasp the opportunity for a better lifestyle: Your compromised core and pelvic floor need to be retrained, carefully and with informed guidance. Exercising and nourishing your body is important to recovery. Committing to fitness and good nutrition now will help you establish positive habits for life
  6. There’s no such thing as ‘normal’: Whatever Google comes up with, there is no gold standard to which all healthy post-natal bodies should conform. Each one of us is unique and our bodies handle the strain of pregnancy and birth very differently. If you’re concerned about a symptom, get it checked, to find out what your;e dealing with and how you can heal and strengthen.

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