I don’t buy the whole “bouncing back” after birth thing.

“Bouncing back” gives the message that your body now, after all the incredible stuff it’s done (which is pretty darn mind-blowing, don’t ya think?), isn’t worthy of feeling good and couldn’t possibly continue to be seen and accepted by others.

Actually, I kinda like my post-baby body. She’s miraculous, strong, healthy and kinda badass.

I think I’ll keep her. Thank you very much.

I much prefer the term “bouncing forward”… Building on an already amazing body. You should feel like a total boss having nurtured a baby for 9+ months, given birth AND then navigated the weeks and months that follow with a newborn.

I don’t want to lose my badassness, if anything, my body is now even more awesome than it was before.

I want my mind and body to feel strong, healthy and happy, but that’s not achieved by putting pressure on ourselves to ‘get back’ to where we once were. It’s recognising everything your body has been through and being kind to yourself and giving yourself the time and space to heal properly from the foundations up. No rushing, no pressure to fit the mould, just acceptance, a little self love and prioritising your own health without letting it fall to the bottom of the pile again.

Here’s to you “bouncing forward” after having your babies, and helping your already amazing body to heal as it should and get to where you want it to be. Only you get to decide that.

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