C-section recovery

So you had your baby by C-Section. You might be wondering what exactly happened in there and what you need to know for your C-Section recovery.  Just because lots (that's millions) of women have C-Sections, that doesn't mean it's not major surgery. Don't underestimate the physiological trauma your body has undergone, and don't let [...]

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Exercise After C-Section

Where to Start: Finding the Right Muscles When it comes to exercise after C-section you might think you need to wait to do any kind of movement. Not true! Start as soon as you can. Your focus during the early weeks won't be your typical 'exercising', what you're focus will be on is breathing [...]

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Women’s Health Month: C Sections

We have an amazing community of women all over the world with different experiences and stories to share. We have MUTU mama, Ashley, here to share her personal experience with having cesarean births. Ashley is open, honest, and raw and we thank her for being willing to open up and share some of her [...]