Pelvic Floor Exercises

Moms are told all the time *do your pelvic floor exercises!*. But Kegels (named after the gynecologist who invented them, a bloke, incidentally. Go figure...) and pelvic floor exercises can be confusing. You've heard about them so many times, you almost don't like to ask, "HOW do I do pelvic floor exercises?", and WHY are [...]

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Pelvic Floor Yoga

If you've ever been pregnant (which if you're here I'm assuming you probably have) you will have heard of pelvic floor exercises. They're pretty darned important should you wish to hold in your wee for the rest of your days, so well worth genning up on. Pelvic floor exercises are often called Kegels, named after [...]

How To Do Kegels

Check out the pelvic floor exercises info-graphic we made for you here! If you only manage one pregnancy or postnatal exercise (and please do more!), then it has to be pelvic floor exercises. All pre/post exercise programs should include these - if yours doesn't - get a new one! Your pelvic floor muscles act as [...]