Pregnancy Ab Workout | What You Need To Know

Self regulation and listening to your body are key when it comes to continuing core exercises you were doing before, during pregnancy. Traditional core exercises such as planks or side planks can still be performed during pregnancy as long as you feel safe and comfortable while doing them. You will need to modify your [...]

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Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy

Most have heard about diastasis recti and how it can cause a host of issues postpartum. This often leads to the misconception that diastasis recti during pregnancy is also bad and something that should be avoided completely. Diastasis recti is actually a completely normal part of pregnancy. As your abdomen grows, the muscles, skin [...]

What to Eat During Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant and growing life inside of you (which is totally amazing!) You might be wondering what to eat during pregnancy. Nausea, cravings, weight gain worries, along with scary warnings about French cheese, wine or seafood… combine to create some anxiety around what to eat during pregnancy. Follow your medical caregiver’s [...]

Intensive Prenatal Workouts – Is It Safe?

Do you love high intensity training? Boot Camps? A good sweaty HIIT workout? Now that you are pregnant you might be wondering what you need to change to ensure your prenatal workouts are safe for you and babe.  So, are intensive prenatal workouts safe? It depends. ‘Intensive’ exercise refers to exercise that involves maximum [...]

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Pregnancy Exercises If You Didn’t Exercise Before

Congratulations on your pregnancy mama! Are you starting to think about what pregnancy exercises you should be doing? Is so, you are not alone! Often times pregnancy is when we become more aware of how well (or not so well) we have been caring for our bodies- fitness habits, nutritional habits, sleep habits, and [...]

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