Wendy Powell

Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy

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Most have heard about diastasis recti and how it can cause a host of issues postpartum. This often leads to the misconception that diastasis recti during pregnancy is also bad and something that should be avoided completely.

Diastasis recti is actually a completely normal part of pregnancy. As your abdomen grows, the muscles, skin and connective tissue down the centerline (lines alba) will stretch to accommodate. The distance between to the 2 sides of the rectus muscles will increase, resulting in a diastasis recti. Almost all women will have some degree of separation by the third trimester. Diastasis recti during pregnancy is normal, natural and not a cause for any alarm. Please don’t keep on measuring it, googling it or obsessing about it.

Research is inconclusive as to whether you prevent Diastasis recti during pregnancy , or what factors determine whether yours will ‘heal’ by itself after birth. Age, genetics, how many pregnancies, time between pregnancies and size of baby may all play a part.

When exercising during pregnancy, be mindful of any bulging or doming at the front of your abdomen, and modify breathing strategies, intensity of exercise and alignment to minimise this. MUTU Core will guide you clearly and carefully, but as a general rule, if any movement or exercise causes the midline of your abdomen to bulge or dome, reduce the intensity, modify that move or avoid it. For more guidance on ab exercises during pregnancy check out THIS post. 

MUTU System is clinically proven to improve diastasis recti symptoms in the postpartum period, so you’re in the right place. Familiarity with the core and pelvic floor work of MUTU Core during pregnancy, puts you in the best possible position to address diastasis postnatally.

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