Margarita shared her MUTU Story with us…

I started my MUTU journey a year ago. Back then, it’s been 2 years since I had my 4th child. And for a multitude of reasons, I was having a hard time getting back in shape. I was at my lowest point at my highest weight when I was at the cusp of being considered obese at 180 lbs. I was mortified at what I had done to myself and shocked that it didn’t seem to take that much to be considered obese.

“My core was so weak that I would throw my back out just carrying my child or a bag of groceries.”

Looking at my body, I looked like I was 4-5 months pregnant. And that was before I had eaten anything. Having 4 kids had done a lot to weaken my core and I had developed DR. My core was so weak that I would throw my back out just carrying my child or a bag of groceries. I was at the chiropractor at least every 2 weeks. I tried to start running but that would throw out my back as well. I felt absolutely helpless. I dreaded having to go out. I felt like nothing looked good on me. And no amount of Spanx will convince the world I didn’t eat one too many cupcakes. I thought I needed to lose 50 lbs. That felt like a million lbs! I decided to finally do the MUTU program because I needed to start somewhere.

“Your body just gave you a child, and now you’ve stopped talking to it.”

I remember Wendy’s words vividly from one of her videos that brought me to tears “Your body just gave you a child, and now you’ve stopped talking to it.” It was true. I had stopped talking to and listening to my body. I didn’t like the way it looked and didn’t think it deserved to be fed good food. I felt like it should be punished by exercising. How mean was that? I wouldn’t treat my child that way, so why was I treating myself like that? I was so out of shape that with the first workout video, I was so winded and thought the end of the workout must be near because I was sweating buckets and my thighs were burning from all those squats, until I realized that was just the warm up! 


I changed my way of eating to follow Paleo style. Lots of veggies, fruit, eggs, and some lean meats. My progress was agonisingly slow. I don’t know if I had messed up my metabolism from the constant dieting or if it was because I’m 41 yrs old. Most months I only lost 2 lbs, if I’m lucky 3 lbs. Some months I wouldn’t lose anything at all. But I just couldn’t accept going back to my previous sedentary lifestyle and way of eating. And losing 1-2 lbs a month–or none–was still better than gaining it. Bottom line is, whether I’m 180 or 118 lbs, I still have to eat clean and exercise. 

 “It had to start with healing my core”.

After 3 months of following the MUTU program, I felt I was strong enough and signed up with my local gym where I got a few personal training sessions and attended some group classes. I saw my chiropractor less and less. As I regained and increased my strength, my workout intensity also increased. Now I’m able to do high impact/intensity workouts 5-6 days a week and absolutely enjoy it–just for the sheer fact that I CAN do them. But it had to start with healing my core through MUTU. I have since lost 40lbs and, as you can see, I’m still squishy in some places. But I’m happy where I’m at now. I’m a whole lot stronger, I can run, I can carry my toddler without throwing off my back, I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and I just overall feel healthier. Whether the remaining weight or squish comes off or not, at this point, it no longer matters. What’s the rush anyway?