Are you ready to begin your journey to feeling stronger, more in control and confident? You’ve most likely just purchased your very first MUTU System program and you’re excited to get started!

It can be an overwhelming time when you get back to exercise after having babies, whether you recently gave birth or your kids are now in their 20s! Getting fit and strong again can also be an exciting journey, one that leaves you feeling fabulous inside and out.

Our aim is for our mamas to feel as empowered and motivated as they possible can. We’re kinda protective of our newbies and we will always have your back. So we asked our existing members (the MUTU Mamas) for their best tips and advice for moms just starting out on the program. The kind of insider’s view they wished they’d had back when they started…

Take it away Mamas…

Emily: Just start! It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the extra information that everyone discusses in the support group, but start with what Wendy suggests in the first few weeks and then think about the rest if you want to. All you need to improve your core and confidence is in the program. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see improvements :)

Barbara: For me, the walks are non-negotiable. I go out every day, regardless of the weather – sometimes it has to wait until the beasts are in bed and hubby home from work before I’m able to make it, but I go. I do core right before bed, twice through. The intensives have to be on my to-do list, posted on the fridge; usually my kids bring my resistence bands to me ask me if I’ve done my “exercisings” for the day. I admit, there are days I have to force it…. summer is easier…. the kids have their 30 minute quiet play time/reading requirement (for my school-age child) and that’s usually when I try to fit in an intensive.

Elisa: When my baby sleeps I put my toddler in front of the TV (I know it’s not nice but half an hour won’t hurt!) and do MUTU. Sometimes I do it in the morning before they both get up; evenings don’t work for me. Walk when it’s baby’s sleeping time, and ideally when my toddler is with someone else. I also make MUTU a priority over any house chore otherwise something else will get in the way.

Carol: I have a one year old and I made walking after breakfast part of our routine. I take a while to do the core, more than other people say they do. I am starting week two so I am still weaker and focusing on form and doing it correctly. So when my daughter takes her first nap, I do both sets back to back. If I feel I lost my form for a count that gives me time to redo it properly.

Kristen: I have found that after setting my toddler up with his breakfast, I can bring my mat into the kitchen and do my core exercises while he eats and I can still watch him while eating :) Feels like I found a pocket of time when normally I would just be sitting and watching him eat and probably wasting time on social media.

Susanne: That it’s not a “must-do-in-12-weeks” programme and that it works no matter how old your babies are. Just doing what you can, when you can, as often as you can, works. I took 30+ weeks and am delighted with the changes in my 49yo, 16 and 10 years pp body.

Donnaree: There should be more emphasis on the fact that you will need to repeat some weeks until your body is strong enough to move forward to the next “week”.

Carrie: I make it a priority, even above certain household tasks – it’s the first thing I do once my 16 month old goes down for his nap, even if I have baskets of laundry to fold or want to just sit and chill for a minute. If I can’t do it during nap time, it’s usually after the kids go to bed, which is not the best for me but again I don’t give myself the option to skip! I need to do better in walks, but taking the kids is the only way that it gets done – big kid on his bike and little in the stroller.

Carol: I sometimes do tasks in between reps. I just had my daughter’s birthday party so after a few exercises I take a five minute break and then do something for the party, then get back to it. It broke up the monotony of both things.

Jordan: Go at your own pace and do what you can. Walks and core are pretty easy to fit in, and even though sometimes intensives don’t happen as frequently as I’d like, I’m still making progress. And also, the MUTU Mama community is such an awesome support network, so take advantage of it!

Meg: Printing out the checklist sheet and keeping it in my kitchen has been a great motivator for me. I see it multiple times a day, so I’m more motivated to be able to check at least one thing off!

Melissa: The only available time I have is at bedtime when my little ones are in bed. I just started the program and I do the workouts back to back and go for a walk then too. I live in a very hot area of the country so taking the kids in a stroller with a heat index of 100 degrees F is not an option. Plus I have found that this is great ME time which I never make time for. Great way to de-stress from the chaos of a 3 year old and a 1 year old.

Laura: I combine “tummy time” with MUTU time. Every morning I put my 2 month old on his activity mat and put my yoga mat beside him to do the exercises. He’s happy because he’s close to me and can see where I am, and I’m happy because we’re both getting some exercise!

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