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Vaginal Mesh Explained…

Vaginal Mesh Explained… You may have heard the term “vaginal mesh” or “pelvic mesh” recently. It’s been discussed in the media, by health professionals and maybe even by women in your circle of family and [...]

My First Visit To a Pelvic Physical Therapist

A Blog by Team MUTU's Kay - Mama to Baby Henry. In the weeks after I gave birth I kinda knew something wasn’t quite right with my pelvic floor. Not just your average “I just [...]

When Did Leaking Become the Norm?

  Last month we were over the moon to be selected as a finalist in the Made For Mums Awards 2017 ‘Hero Health Product’ Category. We were up against some stiff competition and are now [...]

The Leaky Truth

Let’s discuss your leaky undercarriage. It’s not nice when you leak, it’s not sexy or comfortable and you feel in the dark about all this pelvic floor stuff. You may have heard snippets of advice [...]

Let’s Talk About Leaking

I overheard a conversation the other day about skipping and peeing. A group of moms who worked out regularly, were enjoying a post gym coffee... “Skipping...Urgh! Does anyone else find it’s just impossible to do [...]

Apparently… #MyJobIsVaginas

My 8-yo son got extra house points in school this week for answering the question 'How do you tell if a baby is a boy or a girl?' Hand straight up: 'The boy will have [...]

Your Pelvic Floor | The Infographic!

You loved our Diastasis Recti Infographic... So we made you one telling you everything you need to know about your undercarriage. We made a diastasis recti infographic for you too! Click the image to check [...]