🌟 P!nk’s workout routine features MUTU System!

🎤 How did P!nk incorporate MUTU into her postnatal workout routine?

🌟 Jeanette Jenkins a.k.a The Hollywood trainer name drops MUTU on P!nk’s Instagram live workout. 

🎤 Jeanette reveals the MUTU exercises used in P!nk’s postnatal routine.

🌟 How you can work out just like P!nk.

Not so long ago, I was drinking my coffee, and suddenly a message pings up. I let out a little scream reading the first few words:

“P!nk and her trainer just totally shouted out MUTU System on their Instagram live workout”


Global superstar, beautiful, empowering, and personal shero, P!nk, is a MUTU Mama! Pink’s workout routine to get her fit, strong and ready to rock included MUTU System.

Pink’s Workout Live on Instagram with Jeanette Jenkins

Live on Instagram, P!nk shared her frustrations and upset about getting back into fitness post-baby and her struggles with being able to do certain exercises.

“Do you remember how upset I used to get after I had my babies? This was the hardest thing for me to do after childbirth. I used to cry, I would get so mad!” – P!nk.

Her awesome trainer Jeanette Jenkins (The Hollywood Trainer) told P!nk’s 7.9 million followers that she’s used all the MUTU System exercises in P!nk’s recovery and fitness program.

“To all the mommies, I’ll give a special shout out to MUTU System. We used all of the exercises from MUTU System and we added them to Alecia’s (P!NK) program.” – Jeanette Jenkins – The Hollywood Trainer. 

Not only is it amazing to learn that MUTU System is part of P!nk’s workout routine, post-baby, and she is working out alongside our 68,000 MUTU Mamas around the world but for her to share her own vulnerability and recovery is HUGE and something moms everywhere need to see and hear more of. 

We salute P!nk for not feeding into the ‘snap back’ culture

Even superstars have their own postpartum struggles and we salute P!nk for not feeding into the ‘snap back’ culture by being open, honest and real about her recovery. We’re just so darn excited to have helped her to get back to where she wanted to be after having her kids. 

It doesn’t matter if your goals are performing to a sold-out stadium or being strong enough to lift up your toddler without peeing yourself. MUTU is for every woman who wants to feel good inside and out. #MUTUSoYouCan 

We’re all rockstars, mama and you deserve to feel good.

Be like P!nk. Do MUTU. 

Join P!nk and 68,000 other MUTU Mamas around the world today who are taking back control of their confidence, strength and happiness >> mutusystem.com/program 

FYI P!nk is the perfect MUTU workout soundtrack!