Congratulations on your pregnancy mama! Are you starting to think about what pregnancy exercises you should be doing? Is so, you are not alone!

Often times pregnancy is when we become more aware of how well (or not so well) we have been caring for our bodies- fitness habits, nutritional habits, sleep habits, and more.

If pregnancy is the time you decide to start exercising and get healthier, this is a huge positive! Assuming medical clearance and no contraindications, be sure to progress very gradually and focus on form and technique, over volume, speed or intensity.

If an activity or exercise is new to you, you may be at a higher risk of injury. A woman accustomed to intensive exercise (read more on this HERE) will be more familiar with how to modify movement patterns and responses.  A new workout can very quickly become more challenging than expected, and a pregnant woman new to exercise may be less able to read and accommodate these signals.

Comfort, listening to your body and building your activity very gradually and consistently, are important for pregnancy exercises. Risk of falling is higher during pregnancy, so impact exercise or movement requiring more coordination or proprioception should be avoided if you didn’t do it before.

Start at a low intensity and for short periods of time. Be sure to self regulate. If a movement just doesn’t “feel right” or it causes symptoms, modify or stop. 

Daily pelvic floor and core connection exercises, along with walking, are always going to be beneficial and safe as pregnancy exercises. 

So get out there and move your beautiful body that is creating life!

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