Pregnancy and postnatal exercise video below! Pregnancy and postnatal exercise needs to be no or low impact. But it can be hard to think of low impact cardio ideas sometimes – IE how to get your heart rate up, warm up and add an aerobic element to your interval training WITHOUT straining your joints.

Your postnatal exercise regime should be low impact for AT LEAST the first 12 weeks postpartum., and ideally for the first 20 weeks.These exercises are also suitable for exercise during pregnancy, and you can adapt the squat movements to a wider leg stance (with feet turned slightly out to the sides so they track the same direction as your knees) to allow for bump space!

If you’re breastfeeding, jumping about doing postnatal exercise is going to be uncomfortable, certainly until your breasts settle down and you can time feeds to be before a workout. In the early postnatal period you will still have the hormone relaxin in your body which makes joints less stable and certainly if you have knee problems of any kind… there are many reasons you may want to keep your feet fairly close to the ground, but still want to work up a sweat!

Here are a few low impact pregnancy and postnatal exercise ideas: jumping jacks with no jumping, knee or toe touches, as well as squats (narrow or wide leg stance) with added arm movement will all get your heart rate pumping whilst keeping your workout low impact. Yes, I know the little run at the beginning isn’t NO impact, but it is on snow so it’s pretty forgiving ;)

Once your technique is perfect… speed it up! 20 of any of these will get your heart-rate pumping. Oh and spot the coyote in the background – how cool was THAT?!

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