Testing for Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy

Testing for a diastasis recti during your pregnancy is really not necessary. Whilst you can minimize the impact of diastasis on your core muscles by working on alignment and core strength during pregnancy, please don't [...]

Pelvic Floor Exercises, But Not As you Know Them

Pelvic floor exercises. You know you're supposed to do them... you're possibly reminded you really should be doing them when you laugh, sneeze, cough or try to run. But how do you do pelvic floor [...]

Pelvic Floor Yoga

If you've ever been pregnant (which if you're here I'm assuming you probably have) you will have heard of pelvic floor exercises. They're pretty darned important should you wish to hold in your wee for [...]

How To Do Kegels

Check out the pelvic floor exercises info-graphic we made for you here! If you only manage one pregnancy or postnatal exercise (and please do more!), then it has to be pelvic floor exercises. All pre/post [...]