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How much is your self confidence worth?

Isn’t it crazy how we women spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on clothes, accessories, shoes and monthly subscriptions… without investing in our own health and well-being? When it comes to spending money and time on our health, it's always at the bottom of the pile. Why do we do that?! Now is the time [...]

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The Stuff a Before and After Photo Will Never Show

The Stuff a Before and After Photo Will Never Show By Team MUTU's Kay You’re scrolling through Instagram and you stop in your tracks at the sight of a #fitspo before and after photo. Darn it! You think to yourself. She looks amazing! It’ll either motivate you or make you feel like crap if you [...]

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Lydia’s MUTU System Story

We love it when you share your post-baby body healing stories with us and we’re so delighted to share this latest one from mum of two, Lydia. Lydia is mama to her 3 year old boy and her latest addition, a baby girl who is 7 months old. What brought you to MUTU in the [...]