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Tummy Talk

I saw an article pop up on my newsfeed the other day that promised to show me how to ‘Hide My Problem Areas During Sex’... Firstly, what the heck is a ‘problem area’ of my body? Should I have a warning sign or something so my husband can navigate his way round this so-called problem [...]

Embrace – Body Image Movement

‘Describe your body in one word…’ I recently took my 11 year old daughter to see this amazing movie called Embrace, directed by the awesome Taryn Brumfitt, Founder of the Body Image Movement. Taryn asks this question to women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and walks of life. The totally shocking thing is that [...]

How to Salvage a Crappy Day

For those days when every conceivable thing is going wrong. The house looks like a small herd of elephants came stampeding through, you’re bra-less, hair’s not been brushed since last Tuesday and any minute now, your teething baby is about to make a cobra look like a puppy dog. It’s a crappy day and anything [...]

Enough with the H-Word

There’s this word I really need you to stop saying. Because it’s stopping you from being a stronger, healthier and kick-assier you. You may mutter it under your breath as you look in the mirror, or scream it when you try on your favourite pre-baby pants again. But this word is toxic and it isn’t [...]

8 Rules for Safer Exercise After Kids

  I remember speaking to a personal trainer friend ‘before babies’ about our postpartum exercise routine and how after a few weeks rest we’d be back at it in no time… Oh sweet, naive me… It really wasn’t that straightforward. Reality hits when things don’t feel quite right after having a baby, or your body [...]