Alignment 101 [VIDEO BLOG]

OK, I get it. Alignment can feel like a bit of a minefield and there tends to be a lot of overwhelm… Up until now, you’d never noticed or seen the connection between your pelvic floor, and wearing your favourite 4 inch heels or sitting for long periods at a desk or in the car. [...]

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The MUTU Summer Shoe Guide

It's National Flip Flop day and, go on admit it, I know you love yours, but did you know this is what they do to your feet? Image by Katie Bowman | On this day we’re celebrating the summer shoes that don’t leave your toes gripping on for dear life...and they look [...]

My Standing Desk

According to James Levine in his book ‘Get Up! Why Your Chair Is Killing You..’ the average adult sounds 50-70% of their day sitting. Oh me oh my. That’s a lot of time spent sitting on our backside. No wonder many of our butts are somewhat… flat. They don’t DO anything. They just get sat [...]