The Reasons Your Mummy Tummy Isn’t Shifting…

You’ve spent months and maybe even years trying to get rid of your mommy tummy. You’re sick of being mistaken as pregnant, those waist cinching corsets are instruments of torture and you just want to wear your comfy undies without worrying about the bulge. You want to feel sexy again! Not too much to ask, [...]

A Winter Guide to Barefoot Shoes

It’s that time of year for us northern hemisphere gals. The toes you've been bearing for the last few months are about to embark on a long hibernation in wooly socks and warm shoes! I don't know about you but I've been trying to draw out the sandal wearing for as long as I can, but sooner or [...]

Lead Powerfully and Have Courage – Meet Dr Jo Martin.

Do you ever get those days were you really just want to do something awesome and impactful for the world!? Well, news is, you CAN make a difference and you CAN make an impact. Yes. You. Lady on the laptop reading this. YOU! My dear friend Dr Jo Martin is hosting a truly wonderful event [...]


MuTu Food noun Any nutritious and healthy substance that moms and their family eat or drink in order to maintain life, health, growth and healing. The world of health and wellness is confusing enough without throwing into the mix overly complicated diets with strict guidelines, rules or points to keep an eye on! I mean, [...]

An Easy Ease into Cleaner Eating

Changing your diet can be overwhelming at the best of times. Throw sleep deprived, post-baby, busy mom into the mix and it’s one heck of a mountain to climb! It is hard to make changes to the way we eat, but not impossible and once you’ve made those changes it just becomes part of your [...]

For the love of SQUAT – WIN a Squatty Potty!

If you’re doing the MuTu System program you’ll know we’re big advocates of the squat. It’s often labeled as an exercise, but really is just a natural human movement that many of us have now stopped doing altogether! Chairs, desks, cars, modern toilets… All these lifestyle habits mean we just don’t squat unless we’re [...]

Mommy Tummy Myths Demystified

It’s easy to get lost in the fog of postpartum health and wellness advice, especially when you come across some rather confusing, counter-productive guidance. We decided to help clear the fog by busting a few common myths... You need to do intense ab exercises to get a flat tummy after pregnancy This couldn’t be further [...]

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How to Be Queen of Motivation…

Sometimes reclining on the sofa seems like a far better option after a busy day than getting a sweat on in a workout or heading out for a walk. EVERYONE has days like this, but it’s how we move past these moments, and keep moving forward and focused on our goals, that matters. So we’ve [...]