An Easy Ease into Cleaner Eating

Changing your diet can be overwhelming at the best of times. Throw sleep deprived, post-baby, busy mom into the mix and it’s one heck of a mountain to climb! It is hard to make changes to the way we eat, but not impossible and once you’ve made those changes it just becomes part of your [...]

For the love of SQUAT – WIN a Squatty Potty!

If you’re doing the MuTu System program you’ll know we’re big advocates of the squat. It’s often labeled as an exercise, but really is just a natural human movement that many of us have now stopped doing altogether! Chairs, desks, cars, modern toilets… All these lifestyle habits mean we just don’t squat unless we’re [...]

Mommy Tummy Myths Demystified

It’s easy to get lost in the fog of postpartum health and wellness advice, especially when you come across some rather confusing, counter-productive guidance. We decided to help clear the fog by busting a few common myths... You need to do intense ab exercises to get a flat tummy after pregnancy This couldn’t be further [...]

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How to Be Queen of Motivation…

Sometimes reclining on the sofa seems like a far better option after a busy day than getting a sweat on in a workout or heading out for a walk. EVERYONE has days like this, but it’s how we move past these moments, and keep moving forward and focused on our goals, that matters. So we’ve [...]

MuTu Food for Kids

When you start making changes to your diet, it can be really, really difficult to stay on track and plan when not everyone in your household is on board. Well the good news is, MuTu Food is pretty family friendly and we’ve got some tried and tested ideas in store that we know your [...]

A MuTu System Guide to Better Sleep – The Importance of Sleep.

I know, I know. Sleep?! Chance would be a fine thing, right? Bear with me on this one though, as I’m about to stress the importance of better sleep not only for a mom’s sanity and overall wellbeing but also for its hormone balancing properties. We take what we can get sleep-wise as moms, but [...]

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Becoming a MuTu Pro

June 2016 saw the very first MuTu Pros become certified to teach MuTu System. 33 health and wellness professionals, now armed with a whole load of information on postpartum health, along with some pretty awesome business and marketing advice, are now incorporating MuTu into their own business models. When you embark on anything new, there [...]

Four Sparkly Communicator Awards 2016

Helping Moms find their mojo again after having babies is why we love our job so much, and this in itself is reward enough for the work we do on a daily basis. But it’s rather lovely when your work is recognised by one of the largest communication awards bodies in the world! So, we’re [...]