Enough with the H-Word

There’s this word I really need you to stop saying. Because it’s stopping you from being a stronger, healthier and kick-assier you. You may mutter it under your breath as you look in the mirror, or scream it when you try on your favourite pre-baby pants again. But this word is toxic and it isn’t [...]

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8 Rules for Safer Exercise After Kids

  I remember speaking to a personal trainer friend ‘before babies’ about our postpartum exercise routine and how after a few weeks rest we’d be back at it in no time… Oh sweet, naive me… It really wasn’t that straightforward. Reality hits when things don’t feel quite right after having a baby, or your body [...]

The Only New Years Resolution Moms Should Keep

Do you ever feel like you get to end of the year and pluck a last minute resolution out of thin air, just because you feel you should? But you know where that’s headed. These promises we make to ourselves are forgotten or abandoned within weeks or even days. Because, well, life gets in the [...]

Slow the heck down! Fitness after having a baby…

  My inbox is constantly pinging with questions about postpartum fitness and recovery on a daily basis. One of the more common queries I get is. How soon can I get back to (fill in the blank)? With a huge emphasis in the media on ‘getting back into shape’ after pregnancy and birth, I don’t [...]

Stay Hydrated with These Top 5 Winter Infusions

I’m British, therefore it’s in my DNA to drink tea. But I like to switch out caffeinated hot drinks for a hot tea infusion. Oh I love coffee and sometimes it’s all that will do! But here’s my top 5 favourite winter infusions to help you to stay more hydrated in the colder months. See [...]

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A MuTu Mama’s Holiday Gift Wish List

You know those Christmas Days when you put on your best smile to thank Aunty Gladys for the hand-knitted sweater... and wish you’d been clearer on your letter to Santa? Now’s the time to be dropping some mega hint-bombs to family members wanting gift ideas that will make YOU happy. Leave your browser open on [...]

4 Ways to Make Today Count After Falling Off the Horse.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ‘fallen off the horse’ in one way or another. I have strong feelings about picking myself up and dusting myself off and minimising the wallowing as much as possible. Follow these tips and you’ll find those ‘I’m so far off track now I might as well quit’ days [...]

Steps to put yourself first and still be the best mom you can be.

Are you one of those moms who’s hard wired to put everyone but yourself first? The kids, hubby, friends, even the lady across the road you don’t really know had the last of your milk yesterday. Does it just come with the territory? Are we supposed to accept a life where our own needs are [...]