Introducing MuTu Mama Connect

Having the right support can be the difference between giving up and admitting defeat or feeling strong and empowered enough to keep pushing on. When you embark on a body healing journey after having babies, support is one of THE most important factors in success and overall wellbeing. Our support group has always been a [...]

Let’s Talk About Leaking

I overheard a conversation the other day about skipping and peeing. A group of moms who worked out regularly, were enjoying a post gym coffee... “Skipping...Urgh! Does anyone else find it’s just impossible to do without peeing a little?", said one mum. The next revelation stopped me in my tracks. One after the other, these [...]

The Newbie MuTu Mama’s Inside Guide

Are you ready to begin your journey to feeling stronger, more in control and confident? You’ve most likely just purchased your very first MuTu System program and you’re excited to get started! It can be an overwhelming time when you get back to exercise after having babies, whether you recently gave birth or your kids [...]

45 Reasons You’ll Love MuTu System – MuTu System 45% off Sale!

Wendy’s a good egg. So much so that every year on her birthday she gives a massive discount off MuTu System programs for 24 hours, to moms all over the world. On the 6th of July, Wendy turns 45 and (you guessed it) is giving a whopping great 45% off any of our programs for [...]

First Ever MuTu Pro Certification!

Last week 33 health and wellness professionals gathered in Orlando for the first ever MuTu Pro training and certification. I think we can safely say it was the Beginning of Something. The personal trainers, Yoga and Pilates instructors, Physical Therapists and Doulas who had been fast enough to jump on the MuTu Pro certification when [...]

The MuTu Summer Shoe Guide

It's National Flip Flop day and, go on admit it, I know you love yours, but did you know this is what they do to your feet? Image by Katie Bowman | nutritiousmovement.com On this day we’re celebrating the summer shoes that don’t leave your toes gripping on for dear life...and they look [...]

Top Mojo finding + body healing foods.

As a mother, it’s imperative that you look after your body, and we’re not just talking about doing high intensity exercise to shed a few pounds. It’s more than that. Perhaps one of the most important parts of our post-baby, body healing, tummy fixing journey, is what we’re putting into our bodies. Nutrition should be [...]

Mamas across the world walk the MuTu Mile for Hamlin Fistula

Thank you. You awesome, wonderful, kind + amazing women. We're so proud of each and every one of you who took part in the MuTu Mile on International Day to End Obstetric Fistula. You got your walking shoes on, kids and husbands in tow, and walked one mile to help us raise awareness on [...]