A MuTu Mama’s Holiday Gift Wish List

You know those Christmas Days when you put on your best smile to thank Aunty Gladys for the hand-knitted sweater... and wish you’d been clearer on your letter to Santa? Now’s the time to be dropping some mega hint-bombs to family members wanting gift ideas that will make YOU happy. Leave your browser open on [...]

4 Ways to Make Today Count After Falling Off the Horse.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ‘fallen off the horse’ in one way or another. I have strong feelings about picking myself up and dusting myself off and minimising the wallowing as much as possible. Follow these tips and you’ll find those ‘I’m so far off track now I might as well quit’ days [...]

Steps to put yourself first and still be the best mom you can be.

Are you one of those moms who’s hard wired to put everyone but yourself first? The kids, hubby, friends, even the lady across the road you don’t really know had the last of your milk yesterday. Does it just come with the territory? Are we supposed to accept a life where our own needs are [...]

Core Strength and Weight Loss: A MuTu Mama’s Story.

Margarita, CEO and Founder of Blueberry Diapers shared her MuTu Story with us... I started my MuTu journey a year ago. Back then, it’s been 2 years since I had my 4th child. And for a multitude of reasons, I was having a hard time getting back in shape. I was at my lowest point at my [...]

The Reasons Your Mummy Tummy Isn’t Shifting…

You’ve spent months and maybe even years trying to get rid of your mommy tummy. You’re sick of being mistaken as pregnant, those waist cinching corsets are instruments of torture and you just want to wear your comfy undies without worrying about the bulge. You want to feel sexy again! Not too much to ask, [...]

A Winter Guide to Barefoot Shoes

It’s that time of year for us northern hemisphere gals. The toes you've been bearing for the last few months are about to embark on a long hibernation in wooly socks and warm shoes! I don't know about you but I've been trying to draw out the sandal wearing for as long as I can, but sooner or [...]

Lead Powerfully and Have Courage – Meet Dr Jo Martin.

Do you ever get those days were you really just want to do something awesome and impactful for the world!? Well, news is, you CAN make a difference and you CAN make an impact. Yes. You. Lady on the laptop reading this. YOU! My dear friend Dr Jo Martin is hosting a truly wonderful event [...]


MuTu Food noun Any nutritious and healthy substance that moms and their family eat or drink in order to maintain life, health, growth and healing. The world of health and wellness is confusing enough without throwing into the mix overly complicated diets with strict guidelines, rules or points to keep an eye on! I mean, [...]