MuTu Food for Kids

When you start making changes to your diet, it can be really, really difficult to stay on track and plan when not everyone in your household is on board. Well the good news is, MuTu Food is pretty family friendly and we’ve got some tried and tested ideas in store that we know your [...]

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A MuTu System Guide to Better Sleep – The Importance of Sleep.

I know, I know. Sleep?! Chance would be a fine thing, right? Bear with me on this one though, as I’m about to stress the importance of better sleep not only for a mom’s sanity and overall wellbeing but also for its hormone balancing properties. We take what we can get sleep-wise as moms, but [...]

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Becoming a MuTu Pro

June 2016 saw the very first MuTu Pros become certified to teach MuTu System. 33 health and wellness professionals, now armed with a whole load of information on postpartum health, along with some pretty awesome business and marketing advice, are now incorporating MuTu into their own business models. When you embark on anything new, there [...]

Four Sparkly Communicator Awards 2016

Helping Moms find their mojo again after having babies is why we love our job so much, and this in itself is reward enough for the work we do on a daily basis. But it’s rather lovely when your work is recognised by one of the largest communication awards bodies in the world! So, we’re [...]

Introducing MuTu Mama Connect

Having the right support can be the difference between giving up and admitting defeat or feeling strong and empowered enough to keep pushing on. When you embark on a body healing journey after having babies, support is one of THE most important factors in success and overall wellbeing. Our support group has always been a [...]

Let’s Talk About Leaking

I overheard a conversation the other day about skipping and peeing. A group of moms who worked out regularly, were enjoying a post gym coffee... “Skipping...Urgh! Does anyone else find it’s just impossible to do without peeing a little?", said one mum. The next revelation stopped me in my tracks. One after the other, these [...]

The Newbie MuTu Mama’s Inside Guide

Are you ready to begin your journey to feeling stronger, more in control and confident? You’ve most likely just purchased your very first MuTu System program and you’re excited to get started! It can be an overwhelming time when you get back to exercise after having babies, whether you recently gave birth or your kids [...]

45 Reasons You’ll Love MuTu System – MuTu System 45% off Sale!

Wendy’s a good egg. So much so that every year on her birthday she gives a massive discount off MuTu System programs for 24 hours, to moms all over the world. On the 6th of July, Wendy turns 45 and (you guessed it) is giving a whopping great 45% off any of our programs for [...]