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How Long Does It Take For MUTU To Work?

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When will you see results with the MUTU programme? The answer to ‘How long does it take for MUTU to work?’ is: You will feel the difference and improved symptoms by 6 weeks (NHS Hospital Trials evidenced amazing results after 3 weeks!), and really start to see changes within 9 weeks. Of course to feel and see results, you should follow the program guidelines mindfully and consistently. 

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The MUTU System programme has 12 modules, that you follow over a minimum of 12 weeks. There is no rush to move on through the modules in any set time. Some members complete a Module every week, and you should be sure just to stay on each one for an absolute minimum of a week, doing Core 1 every day. 

You’ve got access for a full year and theres no race to finish. It’s your MUTU, your pace. You do you. We advise you spend a minimum of 1 week on each Module. But honestly? Stay on each Module, especially the early ones, as long as you like. Every day you do Core 1, your undercarriage and core are getting stronger and thanking you!

Many MUTU Mamas think of the Core workouts as their daily practice. MUTU Core is your maintenance for a strong and healthy body, just like cleaning your teeth. We don’t do it faster or for longer over time. But we know we need to keep doing it every day. 

How long does it take MUTU to work?

Your core and pelvic floor are just the same. To stay strong and functional and doing their thing (holding in pee, lifting your kids, having good orgasms… y’know, important stuff… they need a daily workout. 

Remember MUTU is different from other workouts. And it’s clinically proven to work with incredible results after just 3 weeks and continuing to improve over 6 weeks, 9 weeks and beyond!

Of course, the more mindfully and consistently you follow the programme, the quicker and more noticeable the results. You need to fully engage with any program to see results, so give yourself the best chance of success and take advantage of the comprehensive support and instruction provided. 

We actively encourage members to progress at their own pace – there is no ‘behind’ or ‘failed’ in MUTU! If you didn’t do your MUTU thing for a while, just start back up again. Our exclusive and private support forum ‘Connect’ will help you stay motivated and on track. There is absolutely no benefit to jumping ahead or rushing through. You’re given clear guidelines on how to know you’re ready for each progressive phase or workout.

So how long does it take for MUTU to work? You’ll feel it in 3 weeks. You’ll really feel and notice it by 6 weeks. And you’ll SEE it by 9-12 weeks. MUTU is clinically trialled by NHS Hospital Women’s Health Physiotherapists and proven to work.

Most of our members continue to incorporate the core and stretching work into their lifestyle way beyond the 12 Modules of the programme. And you have access for a full year before renewal. We don’t stop cleaning our teeth every day after 12 weeks and then expect them to say clean… so don’t stop doing what works! You’ll continue to see and feel improvements to the way your body looks and feels.

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