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Long Term Back Pain after C Section

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Many mamas experience short term back pain after c-section but unfortunately some deal with long term back pain after c-section. When not addressed properly back pain will stick around for much longer than you want (or should have!) to deal with ??

Long term reasons why your back hurts and what you can do about it

1. Disconnection 

Mind to body disconnect is something that so many women deal with postpartum. Remember all the layers a c-section goes through? Layers of skin, muscle, nerves – not to mention prior to the actual birth was 9 months of your body being focused on growing your baby. There is a lot your body has been doing and has been focused on – this often leads to a mental disconnect from these parts that have been focused on growing and birthing life. 

What you can do to help: This is going to sound so simple…breathe. Yes, you heard me right! Slow, deep, connected breathing is a very powerful and positive re-connection tool. Close your eyes, turn inward and focus on connecting to your breathing. This is also something that you can do immediately postpartum, another bonus! Your spine is positively impacted by deep breathing, which in turn can help with back pains and aches. 

2. Scar tissue 

Fascia is an important structure in your body, it is a fibrous tissue that surrounds muscle. Normally fascia is smooth, allowing muscle and tissue to easily move. An incision, like the one created during a c-section, disrupts this fascia. This disruption can cause scar tissue adhesions to form, disrupting muscles and organs as well. These adhesions can cause many issues, one being back pain. 

What you can do to help: Talk to your practitioner about scar tissue release – this gentle massaging can help break up scar tissue along the incision, helping with back pain and other issues caused by those adhesions. Even if it has been years since your c-section, scar tissue massage can have wonderful benefits! 


3. Core weakness and instability 

This one is so important! Your core is the foundation of your body. When there is core weakness and instability other parts of the body have to compensate and take the load that the core should be handling, but isn’t. The back is one of them and a main reason so many women suffer from postpartum back pain. ?‍♀️

What you can do to help: Start to rebuild your core strength safely. Learn how to properly recruit and engage your core and incorporate core strengthening exercises into your daily routine. This will not only help strengthen your core but also take strain off your back, reducing back pain! 

Just Remember….

Long term back pain after c-section does not need to keep you from showing up for yourself and your loved ones, and never let anyone tell you that back pain is just a result of pregnancy or birthing. That is simply not true, a back pain free life is possible.

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