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Here’s how to relieve lower back pain (without medication)

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LouLou James and the Buttafly

Too many of us suffer with lower back pain, chronic back pain or postural back pain. Anti-inflammatories are commonly used, but how can we relieve lower back pain without medication? First, we really can’t talk about back pain without talking posture and alignment. The way we sit, stand and walk directly affects the ability of our core muscles and spine to support us without pain.

Getting comfortable…

Whether you are sitting to work, watch TV, play with your kids or meditate, holding this position is not always easy. Tensions show up in other parts of the body and we can’t stay there for long. Many people avoid floor-based core exercise, yoga or meditation because they simply can’t get comfortable sitting on the floor.

Meet my very favorite place to sit, the Buttafly! The latest in my #WendyLoves series of very personal recommendations that I love to use.

LouLou James is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Health Coach, and she is the inventor of this deceptively innocent looking foam block. The Buttafly is considered by thousands of users and exercise scientists and Instructors to revolutionise discomforts from Sacroiliac (SI) Pain to all manner of chronic or postural lower back pain.

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I recommend the Standard size for general use and alleviation from back pain.

Relieve lower back pain without medication: Try this

Just sitting your butt on this little sloping block is unbelievably comfortable and it instantly supports your spine in correct posture, removing all strain and tension. You can finally sit on the floor in comfort! I use it to practice my MUTU Breath and the sitting exercises of our world renowned MUTU System program for core and pelvic floor health.

When sitting we know we should have a “straight” spine. This means that each bone of the spine (vertebrae) is stacked on top of the next, with the joints between them well-aligned. This will lead to a spine free of kinks and collapse, whether in a lying or sitting position. The better the posture, the less stress there is on the joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

Lie on the floor with the Buttafly placed under your bottom where your butt cheeks meet the top of your legs. Stay there for at least 5 minutes and feel the release. You honestly won’t want to get up!

This position is the Buttafly Technique. The base of your spine is free of any direct pressure so that it is free to release itself from stress and torsion.

The Buttafly Technique. For back pain relief and postural correction.

The Technique is endorsed by the award-winning physiotherapist, Dr. Fatemeh Rezaei-Sajadinia, Back Pain Physiotherapy Specialist of the Year, 2021. It is also accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.

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