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How to do Pelvic Floor Exercises

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My midwife: “Have you been doing your pelvic floor exercises?”

Me: “Ummm, yes” frantically starts kegeling

This used to be me!

I was so unsure of what pelvic floor exercises actually were or if I was even doing them right, that I sometimes just forgot to do them altogether, or overdid it and got it completely wrong.

Fast forward to the birth of my small elephant-sized baby and things weren’t looking too great for my pelvic floor muscles. Birth trauma and the fact that I’d kegeled like crazy meant I’d ended up with a hypertonic pelvic floor, which basically means those muscles were too tight, they could not and would not relax, and it took me a while to really re-learn how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly and to help my muscles function properly again. You see, a too-tight pelvic floor is just an ineffective and weak as a loose or weak pelvic floor.

So I want to pass on my favorite tips on how to nail these exercises because let’s be honest, we all claim we know how to do them, but a lot of women don’t.

How do I engage my pelvic floor?

First things first, do you know how to engage those muscles? You need to figure out how to breathe correctly to really connect with your muscles properly. It’s important not to skip this phase and the full MUTU System program goes into more detail about breathing and connection. Follow these steps to reconnect:

  • Take a few gentle breaths in and out.
  • Next, on your in-breath, relax your tummy and your pelvic floor. Let everything go, but do not suddenly push or bulge outwards. It’s just a gentle release. Imagine your pelvic floor is a flower opening its petals or a jellyfish spreading its tentacles out.
  • Now, on your out-breath gently lift up your pelvic floor. Imagine sucking a smoothie up through a straw or picking up a grape using your vagina… Obvs don’t actually pick up stuff with your vagina 😉
  • Repeat this a few times until you get the hang of things.

The relaxation phase of any pelvic floor exercise is essential. It is just as important as the engagement part and the two go hand in hand in the strength and function of the pelvic floor muscles. So that’s why we don’t furiously squeeze without fully relaxing the muscles too.

If properly done, pelvic floor exercises can help with:

  • Incontinence
  • Painful sex
  • Prolapse
  • Queefing
  • Un-enjoyable sex (Just saying, MUTU helps with better orgasms)

Now that you’ve mastered how to reconnect with your pelvic floor muscles, you’re ready for next-level pelvic floor exercises and ninjary!

You will find specific pelvic floor and core workouts in the full MUTU System program. It’s 12 modules to get you back to strength and function again.

If you are ready to:

  • Learn how to properly engage your pelvic floor
  • Get a strong pelvic floor. No more leaks or wearing pads
  • Enjoy pain-free sex
  • Know you’re getting the exercises right

97% of women who couldn’t successfully locate or engage their pelvic floor muscles before, were able to after using MUTU System.

Enroll in our 12 week MUTU System program today:

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • On-going access
  • Costs less than a gym membership
  • Instant access today
  • Workout from the comfort of your home

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