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We all know we’re supposed to ‘do self care’. We know we deserve rest, great nutrition, time to exercise, to have fun and be good to ourselves. But doing it isn’t always so easy. How do we get motivated to exercise and take care of ourselves when it feels like just another chore? One more thing *to do*, and one more thing to feel bad about *not doing*? More guilt, more overwhelm

How do we make that workout, that nap, that smoothie prep walk or long hot bath…. a habit, not a to-do list?

I’ve got 8 tips and tricks that help our team and our Mamas get their MUTU on every day (or at least most days). Apply to yours, or to anything you want to make a habit! 

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Our members know doing MUTU is good for them. They know it feels good and that it works. Whatever your story, our mission is to help you feel good about your body. To feel comfortable in your own skin, sexy even. And to help you have more energy to do the things you love. 

Are you ready to make time for you? 

1. Get motivated to exercise with pep-up post-its

The more you MUTU, the better you’ll feel. Your body is stronger. Your mind is calmer. And it’s topped off with that “I did it!” buzz! 

Writing down how something makes you feel – whether good or bad – is an important way to hack your brain and change your behavior. 

So, we have a challenge for you. Do a couple of MUTU sessions, then write on a few post-its how it leaves you feeling. Really check in with yourself and notice the difference in your body and mind. 

Now stick these positive post-its around your space to help keep your mind motivated. Once you get going, write more post-its to reinforce the benefit for your body. 

2. Make it a ritual

Think of your daily MUTU practice as a small act of self-love, something to really look forward to. It’s a gift to yourself. 

After all, this is your time to do something that will leave you feeling stronger and more grounded – in body and mind. 

So make it like a ritual. Prepare yourself – and your space – for your practice. Get into your comfiest clothes. Shut the door to the outside world. Light a scented candle, even. Whatever helps shift your mindset into this moment. This is for you. 

3. Make it part of your daily routine

We get that the extra ‘to-do’ can feel impossible to fit into your day. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

To make MUTU a habit, pick a time you think you can commit to. 

It could be first thing in the morning, just after lunch, or before you head to bed for the night. Whatever works for you. 

4. Get motivated to exercise using ‘but…

We all have an inner voice. And sometimes, that voice will sabotage our efforts. 

You can hear it now: “I’m not in the mood”. However, rather than fight the voice, build on it with a ‘But…’. 

It may look like this:

“I’m not in the mood to do my MUTU, But… I will be once I get going”

Or like this:

“I don’t have time for MUTU right now, But… when will I?! Let’s just do this!”

5. Find your ‘trigger’

Every mama knows life with little ones can be chaotic. 

If your daily routine is more wing-it than plan-it, then finding a cue could be the thing that motivates action!  

Your MUTU cue could be during your little one’s favorite TV show, or on your lunch break. Or you could do your 15 minutes just before you settle down for the evening. You can treat yourself to an episode or two on Netflix after you’re finished… heck, who’s counting?! 

The idea is your brain will start to associate the trigger or cue with your MUTU practice and bam! You’ve got yourself a positive habit loop.

6. Set a reminder on your phone

For some mamas, doing MUTU could be as simple as picking a time and setting a reminder on your phone. Sometimes a nudge is all you need.

7. Get motivated to exercise with others

Doing MUTU with friends is a great way to get motivated to exercise and it works for all of you! Which in turn makes it easier to stick to a regular practice.  

So, if this sounds like it will work for you, why not organize a weekly meet-up? 

And remember, your brain is hard-wired to seek out pleasure. So, as well as talking about how good you feel, you could even treat yourselves to a little something to reward yourselves for your effort. Iced coffee and a chat with a friend after your workout is the double-win.

8. It’s not all or nothing!

While you’re more likely to feel and see the benefits of MUTU with regular practice, we get that life throws us curve balls every now and again. 

So, be gentle on yourself. It’s ok if you miss a day, two even – just pick up again from where you left off. 

And remember – anything is better than nothing. If you do miss the full 15 minutes one day, see if you can manage to squeeze in a few of the exercises while you’re doing something else – we know we’re the multi-tasking queens!

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Finally, if you need a little more motivation, check out how MUTU has helped other mamas to become stronger and more confident. 

Wendy Powell
Wendy Powell
Wendy Powell, Dip PT is Founder and CEO of MUTU System. Wendy is a highly certified postpartum specialist and master trainer, as well as a speaker, Femtech entrepreneur and mentor.

Table of Contents

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