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Top Tips for Postpartum Running

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A runner’s mentality is to run further, faster, better. But sometimes that mentality that got you a great time in that 10k race, or helped you push through ‘the wall’ during a run before babies, can be detrimental to your postpartum recovery. That doesn’t matter if you just had your baby or you’re many years postpartum. If you didn’t rebuild the foundations properly and you’re still getting symptoms that hinder your training or make you feel bad, then you need to back up and take a look at how you are running to support your body’s recovery.

We are delighted to welcome two awesome runners to share their wisdom and experience of running, with you. Both are moms who’ve run before, during, and after pregnancy, and who’ve struggled with their own recovery along the way.

Jen Saint Jean is an Elite Masters Runner and mom of 2 girls, aged 11 and 15. She’s an awesome masters athlete and can run a super speedy 4:54 mile (Incredible, right?!). Jen has used MUTU System in her own diastasis recti recovery and is a postpartum running expert.

Suzanne Edwards is a MUTU Pro and Postpartum Personal Trainer. She has done ten marathons and countless ½ marathons, 5 and 10k races, and now helps moms get back into running after having babies. She’s a mom of 4-year-old twins and a 22-month-old, and is also a postpartum running expert.

Hit play on the videos below to hear more top tips from Jen and Suzanne on running postpartum and during pregnancy.

Running with Diastasis Recti

First of all, and the most important part of this whole recovery process, you need to build that foundation, strength, and connection with your core, your pelvic floor, and your breath. That work needs to be underway before you start running. The core, the pelvic floor and the breathing work is just so huge in the beginning alongside walking and alignment work. If you are going to try to get back into running that should be the first thing on your mind. MUTU System will give you the best foundational start to get you back into running. #MUTUSoYouCan

The biggest thing when running with diastasis is that it’s not the width of the gap that matters, it’s the depth and firmness of your midline. So if you have a gap, but your midline is getting firmer or is firm and strong, and you can’t sink your fingers way down, and it’s not super squishy, you might be good to run. You can have a functional diastasis, So don’t let the width scare you or don’t feel like you have to be totally healed before you can run. The purpose of MUTU is to get you running and get you functional again, so you CAN.

When Shouldn’t You Be Running Post-Baby?

It’s important to look out for the warning signs that mean you should not be running.

  • Are you still leaking when you run?
  • Do you pee your pants when you run?
  • Is your midline is your middle squishy?
  • Do your lower abs bulge as you’re running?
  • Is your stomach doming?
  • Are you experiencing any pain during or after your run?

Getting Back Into Running, Post-Baby

Running During Pregnancy

We’d always recommend that you see pelvic floor PT and discuss with your midwife or OBGYN, and talk to them about running during your pregnancy because everyone’s body is so different.

If you are ready to:

  • Build a solid and strong foundation to enable you to run
  • Address symptoms you get when you run
  • Run injury-free
  • Heal your diastasis recti so you can run again
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor. No more leaks when you run!
  • Stop having to wear a pad when you run.
  • Get stronger and functional so you CAN get faster and better at running

Enrol in our 12 week MUTU System program, as used by Professional masters runner Jen Saint Jean.

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • On-going access
  • Costs less than a gym membership
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