Being a MUTU Mama is not just about buying the program

Sure, you get the most cutting edge and raved-about tummy-restoring, body confidence-building program available…. But the coolest thing of all? Is that you are not on your own.

The support, motivation and global community of the MUTU Mamas are what the MUTU Mamas rave about the most. 

MUTU Mamas on Facebook

As soon as you buy one of the MUTU System programs, you can join the MUTU Mamas community forum. This is a kind of secret society of MUTU-ers. It’s a private, closed group, meaning that all your questions, comments or picture are for other MUTU Mamas’ eyes only. Your boss or your ex-boyfriend can’t see what you talk about here – its safe, its supportive and its where you get the camaraderie, highs, lows and funnies on how everyone else is doing.

Hundreds of active MUTU Mama members from all around the world are supporting each other every day within this incredible community.

Lurk silently, ask for help, offer tips, post a video of your workout or post us a picture of your lunch every day – its up to you. Its where you can ask me questions too if you get stuck, or you need a little  clarification or guidance.

Your membership of this closed group is free and never runs out – once you’re a MUTU Mama – you’re a lifer unless you choose to leave!