Diastasis Programs Compared + the Truth about Diastasis Recti


Solutions for dealing with diastasis recti must be grounded in the principle that correct function of the Transverse Abdominis muscle and the entire core is crucial for maintaining optimal function of the entire lumbo-pelvic region. Ie, your mid-section, from diaphragm (up inside your rib cage) through your waist, tummy, lower back and pelvic floor.

To restore stability, strength and aesthetics to a mother’s abdominal muscles (including narrowing a diastasis recti), correct engagement and function of the entire core and related structures has to be one of the key areas of focus.

Most programs will agree that crunches, planks, sit ups and yoga moves such as Boat Pose are not recommended. These guidelines you will find common to any exercise routine that understands a new mother’s body… if your trainer has you doing crunches, get a new one!


MuTu System is a  holistic program, aiming to achieve correct alignment and functioning of the entire core, in fact the entire body. Not just one muscle, not just the gap.

Click here for information on new research from Lee. D and Hodges.PW, presented to the Associated Charter of Physiotherapists in Women’s Health Conference in Bristol, England, September 2013. The research concludes that a whole body approach, rather than isolated splinting or binding, is the more anatomically correct approach.

MuTu System is based on the principle of dynamic movement and optimal functioning of your entire midsection including your pelvic floor in CORRECT ALIGNMENT… to achieve the flat stomach, toned pelvic floor (that’s toned, not tight – there’s a difference) as well as the stability, comfort and freedom from pain you want.

This is important: MuTu System was not created to deal only with diastasis recti.

Correcting diastasis recti is not the sole focus of MuTu System programs, rather it is one of the results you can expect! Diastasis is not, in my view, an isolated issue or the ‘Holy Grail’ of healing women’s bodies after childbirth. ‘Fixing’ diastasis in isolation won’t fix your body.

Correcting a diastasis  it is one piece of the jigsaw in regaining stability and strength, a jigsaw which encompasses a whole system of muscles and functions of the lumbo-pelvic region.

My own study + over a decade’s experience of working with pregnant and postpartum women has taught me that to suggest that simply ‘closing the gap’ would result in a flat tummy after having babies, would be doing moms a disservice. Because there’s rather more to it than that.


  • Diastasis Recti is not the original problem. It’s what caused the diastasis recti thats the problem, and that is: excessive and un-contained intra abdominal pressure. This is corrected through correct alignment, first and foremost. Alignment, rather than binding or multiple repetitions of any exercise, is key.
  • The ABILITY TO CREATE TENSION in the mid-line is more important than the width of the gap . It is the ability to restore tension and stability of the fascia, or Raphe (the collagen connective tissue between the 2 sides of the abdominal muscles made of the Linea Alba and Linea Semiluniaris ) which is the key factor, not just the existence of a gap
  • Don’t ignore other factors: poor nutrition, stress, fatigue, excessive calorie consumption, inadequate essential fats or hydration, digestive issues and lack of the correct, safe and most efficient and effective exercise… will all contribute to your body’s ability to heal, as well as how much your stomach sticks out or overhangs! If you want to *see* the results of core training and strengthening, you have to lose the fat that sits on top. As above, it’s not all about the gap
  • No exercise routine can ‘treat’ or ‘fix’ every situation . In some situations of a severely compromised, stretched and weakend linea alba (the connective tissue between the 2 parts of muscle), surgery may be required for correct function + stability is to be restored*. A biomechanical and ultrasound examination will be necessary to determine this. BUT… 1.  this is often not the case and 2. Surgery is extremely expensive, has a long and uncomfortable recovery and will do nothing for your strength, tone, weight or overall fitness. A focused postpartum core restoration program will benefit your entire lumbopelvic region greatly especially in recovery, even where surgery is deemed necessary.

GetStartedNowMuTu System training and programmes have a holistic philosophy, which deals with posture, functional exercise (IE metabolic resistance exercise techniques that make you truly strong, lean and ‘fit for purpose’), optimal nutrition for health, hormone balance and energy, specific yoga techniques to help re-settle the pelvic organs,  tone and heal the deep muscles as well as relieve stress and promote optimal respiration… AND at the foundation of it all, a complete 4-Phase program to train (find) and then strengthen the muscles of your core. Narrowing a diastasis recti is one of many beneficial effects.

Remember that you are not trying to close the gap for its own sake, or for purely aesthetic reasons (although improving the look of your stomach is clearly a motivating factor).

A diastasis is a manifestation of a lumbopelvis, or core, that has experienced excessive intra-abdominal pressure (ie pressure that pushes or causes bulging out – in the case of your stomach – or down – in the case of your pelvic floor-) and sustained abdominal loading (functioning) with incorrect technique.

It is a sign that you have excessive pressure pushing outwards from within your pelvis and abdomen – the Diastasis is a SYMPTOM, it is not the cause….To address only the symptom by binding or sucking in your stomach will NOT solve the whole problem.

Other manifestations of excessive intra-abdominal pressure or weakened core function may be hernia, prolapse, incontinence or back pain. You may suffer from one or more of these related conditions.

All these problems emanate from the same issue: a core that isn’t working properly. You can exercise until you drop, but unless your midsection is working correctly – none of the above abdominal and pelvic issues will improve (and they may get worse).

There is a difference between training (finding and correctly engaging) the core, and strengthening it. You can’t do the latter without the former. As respected Physiotherapist Diane Lee* says: ‘You can’t strengthen a muscle your brain isn’t talking to’. For many of us, the after-effects of childbirth mean that our brain is not talking to the right muscles. We have to re-learn how to use them.

MuTu System offers 2 programs: MuTu Focus is ‘just the tummy bit’, whilst the MuTu System 12 Week Program includes fitness and fat loss along with core restoration.

Both programs teach, guide and demonstrate how to re-train your core to do its job. At first, this is a focussed, daily series of exercises and alignment adjustments which take around 10 minutes to complete. You move at your pace through 4  phases of exercises and techniques, re-assessing at each stage when you are ready to move onto the next. You also learn some very specific yoga breathing techniques which make these exercises more effective and enable you to connect fully to the muscles again.

In our 12 Week Program, which includes fitness and fat loss as well as core restoration, alongside this daily routine you gradually build up a workout routine that shapes and tones your entire body whilst  – and this is the vital part! – using your core correctly in every MuTu Intensive workout. You are not only learning how to exercise incredibly effectively in only 15 minutes a few times a week, you are doing it whilst working your core safely and correctly with every move.

Essentially you are learning how to *make every exercise an abdominal exercise!*

When you reach Phase 4, or full core strength and stability, only then would you safely incorporate moves such as a plank, and you no longer need to continue with the separate daily core training exercises. On reaching full core strength and stability, you are now using your core correctly every time you move and workout.

Your body is now working – so you can continue with your MuTu Intensive workouts, keep going with the stretches you love, your new-found improved alignment and function, your MuTu Breathe yoga techniques, and/or indeed any other chosen sport or activity… knowing you’re working your abs with every move!


  • MuTu System deals with your whole body: whole body alignment posture and function, improving pelvic floor control, and training your core. In the 12 Week Program it also covers flattening your stomach by eating right and how to shop and cook family friendly food that keeps you all lean and healthy, dealing with stress… its a System built for moms which covers everything – in 10 minutes a day of Core training, alongside 15 minute intensive workouts 4-5 times a week. Note, high intensity does not have to mean high impact – there are no- and low- impact versions of all workouts clearly demonstrated for all levels!
  • You do not have to do hundreds of repetitions of any exercise. MuTu focuses on physiological and emotional re-connection, the quality of the muscle action, not the quantity
  • MuTu System does not suggest you constantly splint or bind your stomach. In cases of a very severe gap or compromised sensitivity immediately following abdominal surgery, some form of temporary binding may be advised by your medical caregiver and may be helpful for comfort and to help you focus. But the splint doesn’t do the work, your muscles have to. Splinting or binding is not an element of MuTu System programs, as we do not consider that the anatomy of the linea alba and rectus abdominis is consistent with simply approximating (manually bringing together) the 2 sides) as a solution to regain function.
  • There are 4 Phases of exercises which you progress through as your train your core to work correctly. At Phases 3 + 4, the exercises move to strengthening your abdominal muscles – but first, you have to find them and train them.

I hope that helps to understand where the MuTu System is all about and to decide whether it is for you! I am not implying failings or critique of any other program, simply stating that the above elements are the cornerstones of this one!

And finally…

NO program is going to work if you don’t do it! Consistently and frequently. Restoring a compromised core takes time and commitment. I know its kinda stating the obvious… but if you don’t DO it, you won’t get the results!

I wrote this post because you ask me these questions, and I know you are searching for answers… not because I want to enter into a debate about who’s ‘more right’! Different approaches and philosophies work better for some than others.

I welcome your comments and questions. I am often asked about this subject, so wanted to open up my answers on the blog as well. I hope it helped :)

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*For further excellent information on Diastasis and Postpartum Core Health: See Diane Lee and Associates articles here

** From the 2012 3rd International Fascia Research Congress: Diane Lee: Split down the middle? Clinical Findings Suggest Closure of a Diastasis Rectus Abdominis is Not Always Necessary for Restoring Function (if link doesn’t take you direct to the abstract, scroll down to No.8 ‘New Hypotheses’, 3rd paper)

For excellent information on alignment and diastasis, see Katy Bowman’s work at Aligned and Well

IMPORTANT: This article is not an analysis or critique of any other particular ‘method’, technique or product, nor does it question or assume to comment on the expertise or reputation of any other program or professional. It is simply an explanation of this one.

  • Diane

    Very thorough explanation!  Thank you for taking the time to make it simple for us.  

  • http://fit2b.us/ Bethany Learn – Fit2B Studio

    This is an excellent article, and having gone through Julie’s program myself, I think you answered the questions quite well. Your programs are quite different, and that is a strength for both of you. She has a basic program dealing specifically with diastasis in both men and women. Your program is for the whole mama woman, not just her diastasis. Keep up the good work, Wendy. 

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Thanks Bethany, if you would like to add anything please feel free to do so in a comment. As a professional familiar with both programs I’m sure your input would be helpful for others :)

  • Erin Latulippe

    I Completely the tupler program for 6 1/2 weeks with the splint, then started taking it off during the day because it was making my lower abs bulge and the gap was not shrinking anymore. (though i have had significant improvement) I remained vigilant with the exercises and even included extra exercises. In week 10 I went back to wearing the splint full time hoping to close the gap further with no luck. Now I am in week 11 and have chucked the splint. Doing an hour or more of ab exercises a day and wearing a splint that keeps moving around with zero support from Julie is difficult. Many of us have commented on this. We ask for support and she suggests another product to buy.

    I am very intrigued by your program and have purchased it. I love the holistic approach. However, I’m not sure how to start because I have a hard time telling what phase I am in. My measurements seem to change often. The middle and upper range from 1 shallow to 2 medium. I have closed the bottom. It is always closed when I engage my core. It seems like an individual training session(s) would be helpful but I live in the states.

    I would like to add that you seem to really care about what postpartum women are dealing with and we appreciate it immensely!

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hi Erin, I recommend everyone starts at Phase 1 & follows the program week by week as instructed. The connection you will make with the exercises in the first few weeks will make reassessment at the introduction of phase 2 easier to establish. If you’re still not sure, just pop me an email, or send me a video clip of what you’re doing & I’ll help you out :)

  • Getfitwithdrdawn

    I am a chiropractor and fitness trainer.  I have two sons the youngest is 9.  I had two c-sections.  Recently I have developed a slight bulge about 3″ above my umbilicus.  my MD said that I have diastasis with a slight hernia and that it is only going to get worse.  She said that surgery is not an option.  Do you think that your program can help me.  I am in good shape I am now avoiding all ab exercises like crunches I am sticking with planks and standing abs.  please let me know what you think.  I would be happy to purchase your program if you think that it would be helpful.

    • http://twitter.com/mutusystem wendy powell

      It will definitely help, although you need to be aware that no exercise programme can heal a hernia… It CAN however make a big improvement to alignment, strength & stability, which will improve comfort hugely. A hernia is an actual hole in the abdominal wall, whereas diastasis & a weak core can be improved very significantly with corrective exercise. A full plank is not advised at this stage for you (a full plank is not included in the MuTu System programme until Phase 4 strength & stability),  but all 4 phases, how to assess your own situation & corrective, progressive exercises are explained fully over the 12 week programme. i hope this helps!

  • Jody Ghirardi

    I have a question if you dont mind.
    I have had two tummy tucks,I am small at 4 foot 12″ I have only 1cm of visceral fat so my tummy doesn’t stick out because of that or intra-abdominal fat.Both the tummy tucks failed :( I think it is my core strength that is my problem but i really dont know. I was wondering if your program might help me? I have a hernia but it is a teeny tiny fat hernia which they said isn’t harmful. I have tried the tupler technique,but like others,the splint rides up and is really uncomfortable. I also have a hard time motivating myself to do it. My posture is terrible,I even notice this myself,I hope you can help me out with some advice as to whether your program will help me or not.
    Thank You

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      MuTu Focus is the program for you Jodie! The ‘missing link’ is that the reason you still don’t have the result you want is that however much they stitch you up, the pressure inside is still pushing out & away. It’s about intra abdominal pressure & whole body alignment, as well as finding & training (you have to train them to work before you can expect to make them strong) the right muscles. MuTu Focus was made to do exactly this :)

  • Parvathi

    Hi Wendy,
    I am starting the MuTu Focus and not sure if I am engaging the core in the phase 1 exercise – After the first day I had some muscle ache (in a good way) in my lower abdomen and pelvic area .How can I be sure that the muscles are moving as they should. Also are all the stretches necessary – they dont feel like doing much.

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Yes, they’re all part of the program Parvathi – remember that diastasis + core weakness is not an isolated issue – it is the result of a core + pelvis that is mal-aligned + weak – these stretches will start to put you back in the right place! Make sure you watch / read the ‘Science Bit’ to understand the rationale which will explain why its all necessary.

  • Faye

    Hi Wendy

  • Faye

    Hi Wendy. I am looking to purchase your Mu Tu focus programme as I do not want to loose anymore weight but just sort out my hideous belly. I have 2 children 3 years and 5 months. My diastasis occurred after my first child and I didn’t realise until a year post partum. I tried the tupler technique with no success and have been trying it again since my second but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference. My question is do you think your programme can help me where the tupler didn’t or is the damage irreversible because of how long ago it occurred? (I only have a 2-2.5 finger gap depending on the time of day and if ive eaten but I have terrible muscle tone so my belly protrudes and I look 5 months pregnant) Thanks for your help

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hello Faye, The way + the speed at which our bodies heal is dependent upon many factors. Collagen, nutrition, age, genetics, space between pregnancies, time since pregnancies – all play a part. So I can never guarantee a flat stomach my Lovely, sorry! What I can say is that the advice in the MuTu Focus Program will teach you how to align your body in a way that decreases intra-abdominal pressure (the pressure pushing your tummy out) + how to find + then use your core muscles in a functional way. Your tummy will be stronger + your core will work if you follow the program + keep applying the principles. MuTu is based on working with the whole body, not just the gap… narrowing a diastasis is a by-product of getting a core that works right!

      • Faye

        Hi. Thanks for your speedy reply. I already purchased the programme this morning before I read this, lol. I actually don’t think that the diastasis is the main cause of my ‘mummy tummy’ I had an appt with a physio recently who said it isn’t a bad diastasis at all, and like I said the muscle tone is very poor so I am hoping that this is the programme for me unlike the last one I tried where the core focus is healing the gap. Anyway looking forward to giving it a try!

  • NeeNee

    I have a lot of extra skin and am wondering if the 12 week program will fix that, along with bringing my stomach down due to the diastasis recti. Also, is this just a fitness activity with no splint?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      no exercise can make extra skin disappear I’m afraid… But you will great improvement in the way your body looks if you follow the alignment, food + exercise advice. No splint. Exercise, food + vital alignment adjustments to reduce pressure

  • Holly

    Hi Wendy. Thank you for this informative article. I had 4 children in 5 years (2 & 3 were twins and number 4 was over 10lbs.) Anyway, I’ve always had a flat stomach until now. I’ve been very active and still enjoy running, working out, and dancing. I noticed the problem last spring after I had run 2 half marathons and I looked more pregnant than when I started training. I did some research and learned I had the diastasis and a hernia, neither cause pain thankfully. I did the Tupler technique for 6 weeks and had great results, but like everyone else says, with 4 small children, who has that much time to spend on just stomach exercises not whole body. I still use the splint when I work out or run to remind me to engage my core, but I was thinking about trying your MuTu Focus. I don’t feel comfortable doing the yoga part, can the program still be effective for me if I don’t include that part?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Absolutely – leave it out if you prefer!

  • Chanvy

    I have loose skin and an inch of jelly like fat with lots of striae. I just measured by diastasis. It’s about 3.5 fingers wide. My doctor tells me surgery is best for me as I can’t fix the skin and fat and the bulge all by exercise. My baby is 2.5 years old. So it’s an old problem now. When im dressed, my belly looks flat. I’m a slim woman otherwise with a small back and the thought of surgery depresses me for some reason. Can I benefit from the program? Will the diastasis return? Will running help remove the fat which seems broken down and loose? I’m thinking of combining exercise with some laser skin tightening to lose the wrinkly appearance. Is that advisable?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      You can always improve your core function, strength + the way your tummy looks with the right exercise. Can I guarantee all your loose skin will disappear, + the gap will close completely? No, I’m afraid not – no exercise program can or should make claims like that. I can’t make comment on laser therapy as that isn’t my area of expertise. Running is not advisable until you have regained core strength. I would advise the 12 Week Program, for function, fitness + fat loss. You will make great improvements to the way your feel + look, + can then make an informed decision about further intervention from a strong + positive place! Good luck :)

  • Asia

    Hi wendy,

    Im convinced id like to try your system but am unsure as to whether the 12 week or 8 week program is best for me. Im not a big woman and wear small. The rest of my body is where i want it to be all except for that pesky tummy and about a three finger wide diastasis. I dont need to lose fat as im already below my pre-pregnancy weight thanks to breastfeeding and my energetic 3 year old son. Should i just go with the mutu focus?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hi there, yes, go with Focus if you don’t need any weight loss at all

  • Bethany

    Hi Wendy, thanks for this article. I’m currently *very* pregnant with my fourth child, have numerous core-related problems, and am trying to decide how to proceed. Of all the programs I’ve looked at, MuTu is most appealing because I like the holistic, positive approach, and want to heal my core and fix all the posture, incontinence, and diastasis issues I have. But where do I start? I’m due in a month, and am dealing with sensitivity in my abdomen, especially down the middle, and around my navel. I got a large diastasis rather painfully when I sneezed while pregnant with my third child, which mostly closed within a few months of birth. I then inadvertently reopened it by following an exercise routine that advocated crunches and other intense moves. Should have listened to my body, which was telling me to not do that part, but I didn’t and I paid for it. Now I feel like this pregnancy is making that opening worse, and I don’t want another painful split like I had last time. I’m thinking about starting your full program immediately postpartum.

    My questions are: How do I go about this? Can I actually start the dvd system now, or is that all for postpartum? If not, is there anything I can do now, in the last stage of pregnancy, that will help keep my diastasis from getting larger, and to speed my recovery later? I’m also considering splinting at night for a month or two postpartum while sleeping, so I don’t wake up in a haze to get the baby and use the wrong muscles. Is that terribly bad for my overall core health? Finally, maybe a silly question, but will I also build muscle and tone on the full program? I usually lose baby weight fairly quickly, but have never had any muscle underneath so am just skinny-flabby.

    Thanks so much!


    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Bethany I am so sorry! It looks like this got missed… + that you probably had your baby by now! Hopefully you’ll get a quick moment to see this + give me an update. You can start at any time – but you wouldn’t start the intensive workouts (they’re low impact) until at least 6 weeks postpartum. But the core, the alignment, the food – all that you can do right away! Tell me where you’re at Honey – apologies again for missing your question :(

  • Scott Lori Hedlund

    I am not sure which program. I have a 4 finger with separation and a stage 2 bladder prolapse 8 weeks post partum after baby #9. The diastisis recti I’ve had for a long time, the prolapse just happened. Would I get the full program, but start w/the focus? Or will the intensive exercise never be appropriate for, considering the prolapse.

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      I would suggest Focus only, certainly for now. Let me know how things go (you would have access to me + my team via the online support group) + after at least 12 Weeks following that – if you do decide to upgrade we do a special to enable customers to shift up to the full program.

  • Natalie

    My baby is 11 years old…is it too late to retrain those pesky abdominal muscles?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Never too late Honey… come on in :)

  • Laxmi Santosh

    Dear Windy Powell, I am 34 years old and i live in dubai (UAE). I am a mother of 2kids. One is 7 years and the other one is 2 years.
    My Height is just 148cms and Weight is just 48 kgs. So i am under-height and
    under-weight. So i don’t want to lose further weight.
    But i have 4cm wide diastasis that i got to know from the recent ultrasound report. But i don’t have a hernia. so i don’t want to go for surgery.
    I have delivered my second child 2 years before (in 2011). but i did not do any exercises except wearing an abdominal binder during day time.

    But now only, after 2 years, i have started doing mild exercises like “modified crunches with towel assistance, leg extention, pelvic tilt” with the help of a physio-therapist… also i wear an abdominal binder all the time which is supporting/helping me while working at home…

    Will i be able to do close my diastasis? Is 4cm wide diastasis too much?
    Also please tell me which program to buy from MuTu system…considering that i am underheight and underweight. my only problem is “lots of loose skin” and “4cm wide diastasis”…otherwise i have very lean body except for abdominal loose skin. pls tell which program to buy from mutu?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      The Focus program is perfect for you, Laxmi!

      • Laxmi Santosh

        Waiting for 40% off on mutu programs. may i know how long we have to wait for that? pls reply. thanks.

        • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

          Hi Laxmi, there are no plans for a promotion at the moment – the last one was a Black Friday offer that ran over Thanksgiving last November. If you sign up in the pink cloud at the top of the page you will get a 15% discount code though

  • Beverly

    Hey Wendy
    My little girl will be a year in 3 days time. I love working out a lot, dancing, jumping and walking but my diastasis depresses me so badly, I don’t know what to do is like everything I do worsens it. I have been stuck at 2fingers for six months now. At first, before i Realized I had diastasis, I did everything I wassnt Supossed to do. Didn’t wait 8 weeks postpartum and zumba, hip pop abs and planking. I feel I caused it. What program do you advise I buy?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Start the 12 Week Program which includes all the core work you need, as well as the (safe!) workouts you love

  • ajack

    Hi Wendy, I have had 2 tummy tucks and some of the sutures keep tearing because of weak/thin muscles. I don’t want to try surgery again, Is this system safe to do after surgery – I don’t want to tear the few sutures that are working. Thanks

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      I would recommend the Focus program with your Doctor’s approval. Focus does not include any intensive workouts at all – it is the ‘reconnect, realign + restore’ part of core recovery!

  • Laxmi Santosh

    dear wendy, we would need a pair of dumbells in “intensive workout 2,3 and 4″ in mutu 12 weeks programme. could you pls tell me “what are the weights of dumbells that we have to use in “intensive workout 2,3 and 4″ subsequently?
    (pls mention a separate weight for all dumbells pair for all of these “intensive workout2,3 and 4″).
    i am a very tiny person with ONLY 4 feet 10 inches height and 48kgs weight and i have 4cm wide diastasis. pls reply, thanks.

  • Laxmi Santosh

    Dear Wendy, I have 12 week online program. Since “Intensive Workouts” are more good for weight loss, than for DR, I am guessing that Focus Program (4 Core Phases- exercise) is what I have to do concentrate and do everyday to heal my DR and Intensive is not needed that much for DR. I want to know what mutu exercises are best to target DR….all of core phases (from 1 to 4) or are there any specific ones in core phases which work really great for DR? Please reply, thanks.

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hi Laxmi, All the elements are essential for holistic healing: the stretches, the alignment adjustments, the nutrition… ‘Fixing’ DR is not about one exercise – its about adjusting all of the things that are contributing to the lack of healing + the excessive intra abdominal pressure causing the problem. Try to think of it as a whole body process. Everything in the MuTu programs is in there for a reason, nothing is ‘fluff’ ;-) The diastasis is not the problem. What caused it is the problem. And that will still be there unless it is addressed – however many exercises you do. The intensives are not just about raising your metabolism for easier fat loss – they’re about strengthening your whole body so it is better able to function without pain or instability.

  • Laxmi Santosh

    Dear Wendy, I want to buy your dvds of 12 week program which is available on sale now for old version. But I am not able to buy from amazon there (both uk and usa). I live in Dubai (U.A.E)(United Arab Emirates-one of the Gulf country). They say that they don’t ship to my area. Could you please tell me where I can buy from? I really want to make use of the offer price now. Hoping to get your reply before the sale ends. Please reply, thanks.

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hey Laxmi, we can send you one. Don’t worry about missing the sale – email hello@mutusystem.com tell them I sent you. They’ll tell you how to pay (sale price) for the DVD + we’ll post it to you x ps please note – it’s Easter weekend here (holiday long weekend) so it’ll be Tuesday before they respond in the office!

      • Laxmi Santosh

        Thank you so much madam. I will email them right now, But by the time, mutu system replies me back, your 55% off sale on dvds will get over, isn’t it?…..as they say it is there only till monday morning. So I am afraid I will miss the chance to have your dvd at sale (55% off) price…i want to keep your dvd as a reference. Your dvd is as precious as my health. So hoping to get it for my health sake! So please help, thank you so much.

        • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

          That’s what I’m saying Sugar Plum, It’s FINE. You’ll pay sale price. On Tuesday x

  • Laxmi Santosh

    Dear Wendy, Thank you so much. I will email them (@mutu system) and will wait till Tuesday for their reply. Thanks again. I will take this chance to thank you for everything you are doing for all of us…for DR moms! Thanks for all the inspiration, motivation, love and hope!


      dear laxmi… iam reshma from uae. i just went through all your posts. iam also suffering from the same problem even after my first delivery. i just started inquring about these abdominal workouts. i really wish to share and discuss about this with you. if you dont mind, could you PLEASE respond. my mail id is shan0772@gmail.com.iam eagerly waiting for your reply. please consider me. iam that much desperate.

  • Laxmi Santosh

    Dear wendy, I emailed my address to mutu system….and i will be patient till they respond. Thanks again.

  • Laxmi Santosh

    Dear Wendy, I have emailed my address to mutu system….and I am still waiting for their reply. Thanks.

  • Amanda

    Hi Wendy,
    I just found MuTu (of course, RIGHT after the Amazon sale). Will you be running another promotion soon? I have 2 adorable kids, but I want my strength and abs back!

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Aww, sorry about that! Nothing planned at the moment Amanda, sorry. BTW the sale was on the 2013 DVD + if you buy the online version now you get the most updated 2014 bonus version!

  • chani

    For about 10 mos postpartum I would get pain in the lower right quadrant medial to iliac crest which would radiate to the front and back. If I would then eat an unrefined grain with dairy I would then be vomiting. The bowels would partially function and I would be peeing on the floor while vomiting. In the beginning it was 3 times a week now it is once a month but I just had my worst episode, a week of being incapacitated. The Mri and Ultrasounds make no connection, the chiro said I have hiatel hernia and the gastro said maybe a connective tissue tear, I felt some radiation medial to the gracilis same side. I have observed that when I move to the side or at a tilt with weight unintentinally this radiating aching pain will come in hours later and then dominos. This time I felt a very clear rip all the way across horizontally at the top of my abdomen. So now I know for sure that it starts with a weakness, tear, protrusions of some sorts, snow balls. I have insurance for a PT but if I did this program it would be replacing a specialized PT for women’s postpartum pain. In the hospital, I had an adult pushing down on me on both sides while I contracted to remove the placenta peice by peice in ICU. Please comment The gastro thought it was working its way out….again less frequency….

  • G

    I have Diastasis Recti but I’ve never been pregnant, possibly from a lot of yoga and situps. I was diagnosed yesterday and the doctor said I have a tear above my belly button and another one under. He said “don’t worry” and didn’t mention anything regarding the healing process. Do you think your program will help me? And which one? And is it normal to feel a burning sensation under the skin?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hi G, yes either program will help you with the diastasis, but I would advise you seek medical advice regarding any pain or discomfort.

  • Misha2010

    Hi Wendy,
    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I am already noticing changes “down there” that need toning. I would like to start something soon and I like that MuTu has a holistic approach (and doesn’t seem to portray women as weak and fragile). I have been working out before and during most of my pregnancy doing HIIT workouts, walks, and such. Is the MuTu System a program I can use along with my current workouts? I would like to continue them as long as possible to keep my strength up, but I also don’t want to ruin all my work on my tummy and pelvic areas. Thank you!

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      The 12 Week Program includes intensive workouts you’ll love Misha, but it also shows you how to do them safely for your core. 12 Week is safe for a healthy pregnancy but please be mindful of pregnancy exercise guidelines http://mutusystem.com/pregnancy-resources.html

  • Jacqueline Rao

    Hello Wendy, 2 questions: Is it a good idea to do your programme alongside the Tupler Technique which I’m already doing (2 weeks in). I want to continue the Tupler Technique until the end. Just wanting to know whether you think they could both work in conjunction with each other. I do need to splint because my connective tissue was pretty weak (for the last 7.5 years after first birth). Secondly: I need to do exercise that pumps my blood and makes me sweat because of varicose veins. Is an elliptical cross trainer machine appropriate for people with diastasis recti? I had a 3 finger split and an outie belly button (not very becoming), it’s already becoming less… A brief background on me: 2 kids, happy with diet, not overweight, need to tone legs up, wearing barefoot shoes to help alignment, very interested to know more about alignment… Jacqui

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hi Jacqueline, not really no. I wouldn’t advise trying to do the 2 programs at the same time. An elliptical is not great for your alignment… try the 12 Week Program, everything you need is in there!

  • Bob

    Wendy, you mentioned the program is not for someone with a “pop” on the sales page. What does that mean? I googled, but I see the same types of pictures like on your site. Thanks. Bob

    • bob

      never mind. . .pelvic organ prolapse. . . doh!

      • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

        Was about to come back to you but you found it first :-)

  • care26

    Hi Wendy, I am so glad that I found your site. I gave birth to twin boys 14 weeks ago via c-section (second pregnancy) and have had some major lower back and abdominal pain as of recently. I have a very short torso so it was very difficult carrying them full term but made it to 36 weeks. My OB said everything looks like it is back to where it should be even in the lower abdomen but unfortunately I have sever diastasis recti in my upper abs. It is about a 4 and 1/2 finger width and very deep. He said that there aren’t any exercises that will make it go away since it is in the upper portion and that usually people get it in their lower abdomen. He suggested surgery….. can you help? does your program target upper diastasis recti or just lower???? I have a swayback as well which isn’t helping my cause either (hence the back pain) Thanks in advance!!!

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Many of these issues will be addressed with alignment guidelines in the MuTu System programs – for e.g. swayback is very often rib thrusting in disguise…! You need to understand attaining a truly neutral pelvis, as well as aligning your spine in order to put your body in a place from which it can fill heal. The gap higher up for indicates this may well be an issue. This is certainly the best place to start for you before surgery is considered.

  • gbfan08

    Wendy, can I continue running in conjunction with the program? I like to do about 3mi every other day. Thanks

    • Carolina

      I have a 2 finger DR and I run, swimm and bike. I hope I can continue to do my regular sports in addition to the focus program. Would that work? Would any of the sports mentioned above worsen the DR?

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Running is not recommended until your core + pelvic floor are fully functional. If you have DR, pelvic floor issues or any core instability, you’re not there yet!

  • Gina

    Hi Wendy,
    I completed 8 weeks of the Tupler Technique and was thrilled with my results . . . . until I stopped wearing the splint. In five days I gained an inch and my diastasis went from two fingers back to three. I emailed Julie with my results and she said my diastasis was considered closed and I stopped wearing the splint. When I told her that it had reopened she said I must have measured wrong in the first place. I was in tears with disappointment and frustration. Now, I’m considering switching to your program. I have always had bad posture so now I think I understand why I ended up with DR. My questions are- should I continue the Tupler exercises as well as MuTu? I work out 4 days a week. I know you say not to run or do eliptical (which are the two workouts I do the most), but how about cycling? I do enjoy Spin Class. Are there any approved exercises besides walking? Not sure I can maintain weight let alone lose without the level of cardio I’m used to. I also need to lose 10-15 pounds. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • http://mutusystem.com/ Wendy Powell

      Hi Gina, I can’t comment on your experience with another program, but would simply advise that to get results you should follow the guidelines of one approach rather than try to mix them up – that would only be time-consuming + confusing for you! Alignment is absolutely key + a major element of the MuTu programs. Running is not advised until your core + pelvic floor are restored, cycling is fine + the elliptical is also fine if thats what you enjoy, it is simply not great from an alignment point of view. MuTu is not about telling you what you cannot do, but rather empowering you with the knowledge to read your own body’s signals to know when you’re ready as you recover, restore, strengthen + progress to the activities you enjoy!

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  • MamaRou6

    Hi Wendy,

    I’m currently pregnant with my 6th child and I have a small diastasis. I’m in good shape and always have been, but I can really tell that my core and even pelvic floor have significantly weakened since child #4. I keep going back and forth…almost purchasing Tupler and almost purchasing your system. I’ve read all the FAQs and “What are the Differences” write ups, but I’m still wondering which is best for me. Because the Tupler technique combines binding WITH exercise…how is this not beneficial? Your system seems MUCH more conducive to my lifestyle, but I just want to make sure I make the right choice.

    Thanks for you time.