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MuTu System Program

The complete body make-over for moms who want to shift the mummy tummy, heal their core and pelvic floor and get strong, fit and truly body confident inside + out.


MuTu System is for women who want their bodies to look, feel and function better after having a baby. Whether you had your baby 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago or more.

They want a core and a pelvic floor that work, that feel right and that do their job.

It’s for women who want to lose weight after childbirth and keep it off.

It’s the definitive, medically endorsed Mummy Tummy Workout System, created by postpartum fitness expert, Wendy Powell.

An international best-selling, industry acclaimed, award winning, holistic, realistic and supportive exercise and recovery program for Moms that truly works.

A proven, truly effective, tried and tested solution for ‘mummy tummy’, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness and core that isn’t as functional or strong as you’d like it to be ✻.


Simply follow the step by step series of highly instructive online coaching videos and workouts over a period of 12 weeks, or in your own time, and at your own pace.

There are over 20 videos included, as well as high quality PDF downloads so that everything is available to you in video and PDF format. All program content is accessible instantly to your laptop, tablet or mobile device for streaming or download, via our exclusive membership site at MuTuMamas.com.

Materials include comprehensive video coaching, instructional demos and real time workouts as well as full colour PDF guides to download, print or save. There is no expiration date on your access – you are a lifetime MuTu Mama member, with unlimited access to your program content as well as to our exclusive member support forum.


This is the part our customers rave about the most. As well as unique expert video coaching, MuTu programs also include access to our private online community – a safe and super supportive forum of literally thousands of Moms from around the world.

Here all your questions, comments or picture are for other MuTu Mamas’ eyes only. You can ask me or my Team questions directly here too if you get stuck, or you need a little clarification or guidance.


MuTu System was created by me, Wendy Powell, a British mother of 2 and post-pregnancy exercise and fitness specialist for over a decade and a half.

I care deeply and passionately about helping women feel better about themselves, and am grateful to serve every Mom who puts her trust in me.

You can get the ‘all about me’ low-down here.


Click the button to get started right away! Programs are available worldwide, online via our exclusive membership site + for download to your laptop, tablet or mobile device. You get lifetime membership to all materials.

Wendy Powell

MuTu System