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“I help Moms (and Mums) feel better about, and in, their bodies. You know how we’re supposed to have ‘a calling’? Well this is mine.

I know you may be feeling disconnected from your body, guilty or self indulgent for wanting to change it, dis-empowered or dismissed by medical professionals. I know you feel like everyone else has it all worked out, and its only you floundering. I can tell you right now that they don’t, and you’re not. I’ve been there and I’ve worked with thousands of women around the world who felt the same. It can be better than that, and you deserve A LOT better.

I certified with an International Diploma in Personal Training in 2001, and started out as a self employed personal trainer, gradually building a loyal and extensive client base…

I had spent the previous ten years working in media and advertising in London and my decision to pursue a future in health and fitness really was quite life-changing – I went from fast food, Marlboro Lites and late nights to getting up at 5.30am to run, lift weights and study. As my good friends from my old life used to say, I ‘re-branded’!

I chose way back in 2002 to concentrate my study and focus on pregnancy and post-pregnancy exercise. I was training more and more Moms, I LOVED it. I hadn’t even had my own babies yet, but I knew for sure that women were simply not being served by the mainstream fitness industry or the fitness media. They were frustrated at lack of results, suffering with lack of function, discomfort and severely depleted body confidence.

I realized the women I was working with had the same questions, questions seemingly unanswered (or unsatisfactorily answered) by the fitness professionals, magazines or health workers they had consulted. I knew there were answers, I knew there had to be medical professionals, academics, women’s health experts, biomechanists or wellness experts that did know the answers, and so set out to find them.

I studied, learned from and certified with industry experts, studied some more, researched, and worked with hundreds of expectant and new Moms. I had 2 babies of my own, born October 2005 and July 2007 when I was in my late 30’s, and experienced first hand the reality of pregnancy, childbirth and recovery. After a PCOS diagnosis, lots of acupuncture, two wonderful pregnancies; two major postpartum hemorrhages; a ride in a paramedic helicopter; a number of ‘procedures’ (don’t talk to me about ‘birth plans’…) and a few years of breastfeeding and the ongoing adventure that is motherhood, I really do *get it*.

I trained a team of licensed trainers in London, UK and then I put my best work to date together and created the very first MuTu® System 12 week online training program, selling programs globally, in 2010. Now all my efforts are focused on serving our worldwide customer base of tens of thousands of MuTu Mamas around the world with the very best programs and support I can offer. The most recent updates to the MuTu System Programs were filmed and launched in 2014, and we launched an app in January 2015. I strive constantly to keep my work as progressive and truly effective as it can possibly be.

MuTu System is now an established online brand, an endorsed, proven and respected postpartum recovery program, as well as an interactive, kind and supportive worldwide community of tens of thousands of women. The MuTu Mamas are a force and a voice to be reckoned with, for which I’m grateful and proud.

Oh, in case you were wondering, ‘MuTu’ was invented out of ‘Mummy Tummy’. I made it up over a large glass of red with my Mum.

I run my business around the school run and the demands of my family, like every other working Mom. I practice what I preach with daily walks, regular workouts, yoga and great nutrition for my family. But as you’ll find out as you get to know MuTu, this allows for a heck of a lot of reality checks. I have days when I feel strong, energized and like I could conquer the world, and plenty of others when I just need red wine and a hug.

I don’t offer up any views on how or where you should give birth, what kind of milk you should give your baby or how you should parent your children. Mainly because that’s none of my business, and also because I think there’s more than enough ‘judginess’ on these topics without me contributing. I write about what I know about for sure. Bodies that are expecting or have had babies – how to keep them safe, strong and functioning and how to feed them right. I know how to make you feel better about, and in, your post baby body.

Basically I strive to be, to do all I can to help you to be, and to raise – a healthy, strong, vital, confident woman.

I know that you might NOT think that going for a run or doing some acrobatics on a fit ball is a fun way to fill the kids nap-time. And that you probably find the mention of ‘killer workouts’ ‘bootcamp training’ or concepts like ‘no pain no gain’ terrifying, not motivating. I know I do.

GetStartedNowWhich is why helping women to not only look and feel fabulous, but also to be strong, pain-free, supple and fully functional, continues to be MY inspiration and motivation for doing what I do.”

Wendy Powell

Wendy Powell, Dip PT, Postpartum and Post Pregnancy Exercise Expert, Founder and CEO, MuTu® System Limited

Wendy Powell is an internationally recognized expert, author and speaker on postpartum recovery and exercise, as well as founder and CEO of MuTu® System. The medically approved and multiple award-winning online MuTu System program is trusted and followed by more than 30,000 women worldwide.


Featured on Fox Health News

Commissioned by Health and Fitness magazine UK to author their official ‘Get Your Body Back’ post-baby exercise book September 2013

Contributor to Huffington Post UK; InspiredRD.com; MaternalGoddess.com; LiberatedBody.com, Zest magazine

Featured in Parents magazine, the Mail Online, Daily Mail newspaper, Red magazine, Health and Fitness magazine, Mother and Baby, Prima Pregnancy and Baby, Runners World, Practical Parenting and many more


The Communicator Awards 2016 | Award of Excellence for Interactive MultiMedia; Awards of Distinction for Website and Printed Marketing

The Stevies 2015 | Female Entrepreneur of the Year (silver); Company of the Year (bronze)

The Communicator Awards 2015 | Award of Excellence for Mobile App

Hub Business Awards 2014 | Best Use of Digital

Business Awards 2015 | Best International Business and Best Website


Certified Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Instructor accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals UK Reg. No.R0002725

Premier International Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy (2001)
Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (Biomechanics and Whole Body Alignment)
Certified Primal Flow™ instructor
Master UGI™ Trainer
Core Awareness™ / Psoas workshops with Liz Koch
Certified Bosu™ Instructor
Advanced Personal Trainer certification
Fit to Deliver certification
Burrell Education Modern Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Prescription
Certified Boxercise™ and Kickboxercise™ Instructor