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Back Pain

Improving Back Pain With Exercise

We have talked a lot about postpartum back pain and what some of the reasons for this pain could be. For some more immediate relief from your back pain add these mobility exercises into [...]

Back Pain After Pregnancy Exercises

Check out these back pain after pregnancy exercises and start adding them into your weekly routine! Exercise #1: Elevator Lifts You can’t ignore the pelvic floor muscles! It might [...]

Long Term Back Pain after C Section

Many mamas experience short term back pain after c-section but unfortunately some deal with long term back pain after c-section. When not addressed properly back pain will stick around for much longer than you [...]

Improving Back Pain Through Alignment

When you have aches and pains that you just can’t quite get rid of it can be really frustrating, especially when you are a busy mama rockin’ all the things motherhood entails. You just [...]

How I Banished Back Pain After Birth

MUTU Mama Jessica’s story: Back Pain After Birth Our thriving MUTU Mama community is full of the most incredible women. Mothers from different corners of the world, in different seasons of life, with different reasons [...]

Back Pain after C Section

Let’s talk about an issue that far too many women face - back pain after c-section.  No matter how your birth unfolded and took place, vaginal birth or cesarean birth - you are incredible! [...]