The Newbie MuTu Mama’s Inside Guide

Are you ready to begin your journey to feeling stronger, more in control and confident? You’ve most likely just purchased your very first MuTu System program and you’re excited to get started! It can be [...]

What Most Moms Forget…

If anyone showed you a job advert before having kids, it would probably read a little like this… 150+ hour working week Compulsory night shifts Lunch breaks cannot be guaranteed Infrequent toilet breaks. Non-existent private [...]

The MuTu Commandments

We all have days where we’re reaching for a glass of red or allowing self-doubt to creep in and convince us we’re never going to feel comfortable or sexy in a swimsuit again or that [...]

An interview with Nadine Woods of Maternal Goddess

We had the pleasure of talking to the utterly awesome, empowering and inspiring Nadine Woods, Founder of Maternal Goddess, ahead of the Maternal Goddess ‘Rediscover Resilience’ Conference next month. Wendy will be joining an incredible [...]

Why I Recommend Thinking Slimmer

My dear friend and Harley Street Weight Loss Expert, Sandra Roycroft-Davis, explains how Slimpod works and how 95% of people in her clinical trials lost weight compared to 95% of people who don't lose weight [...]

I Need a Strong Core So I Can Do THIS

Thing I am asked most often about postpartum exercise (even very postpartum exercise)... 'When Can I Do *Proper* Ab Work?' You want to plank and crunch. You're just itching to get back to all that planking [...]

Are We Measuring All The Wrong Things?

I've got this feeling that sometimes we use all the wrong criteria and metrics to determine our health, fitness or wellbeing. Sometimes we're just plain missing the point. "Barefoot shoes cause injuries. It must be [...]

That Thing We’re Doing? It’s Not Working.

"Nothing will work unless you do" – Maya Angelou It seems that only as a passenger on a plane that is falling out of the sky, are we ever expressly given permission to take care of [...]