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5 Ways to Fit in Exercise As a New Mom

Navigating motherhood can often feel like trying to solve a Rubik's cube with a blindfold on. The baby is important, but so are you, mama! On top of everything this new role brings you, [...]

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy can often seem to be one of the first things mamas tend to worry about after delivering their baby. Social media is really good at having us believe that [...]

When Can I Start to Workout After Having a Baby

If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably ready and raring to workout after having a baby. You just want to feel like you again and get some normality back, right? It’s totally okay [...]

Ab Exercises For Moms

Ab exercises for moms are likely to be focussed on improving core strength and tone following childbirth. But postpartum exercise must focus first on recovery and reconnection before traditional ab exercises such as crunches or [...]

A Mother’s Body – The Truth

The unmissable live series from MUTU SystemFor every woman who’s ever had a baby. No matter how you gave birth, no matter how long ago you gave birth, this series is for you, and it’s [...]

MUTU Mama Claudia Morzan Shares Her Story

We love hearing from our MUTU Mamas about their journeys. It really means a lot to the whole MUTU family when you take the time to share your stories with us. We're delighted [...]