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Stop for a second. Self love challenge. What are the three things you love most about yourself? It’s kinda hard, right?! Sometimes it’s easier to think of the things we love about others, compared [...]

MUTU Mama Results

As a MUTU mama, you may have seen or taken part in our survey at the end of last year. We value your opinion, in fact, the comments, feedback and results from members like you [...]

How Long Postpartum Till I Can HIIT, Plank + Run?

When can I go back to Functional Training / HIIT / Running/doing planks / Weightlifting / Base-jumping / Fill-in-the hardcore-blank?" This is something that comes up a lot for Moms working on postpartum core recovery, [...]

A Message From The ‘Skinny’ New Mom…

A blog by Team MUTU's Kay. I’ve always been the petite girl. Even in school, I’d have insults hurled at me in gym class from girls my own age and I’d dread getting my ‘sparrow [...]

On ‘Bouncing Back’ After Having Babies

I don't buy the whole “bouncing back” after birth thing. “Bouncing back” gives the message that your body now, after all the incredible stuff it’s done (which is pretty darn mind-blowing, don’t ya think?), isn’t [...]