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Hernia & Prolapse

Postpartum Umbilical Hernia

Hernia, diastasis recti, and prolapse are all related to excessive intra-abdominal pressure, meaning too much pressure inside your abdomen and/or pelvis. Exercises for umbilical hernia and other issues stated, need to be carefully considered.  This [...]

Your Pelvic Floor | The Infographic!

You loved our diastasis recti infographic... so we made you one telling you everything you need to know about your undercarriage. Fall in love with your pelvic floor. ❤     We made a diastasis [...]

Women’s Health Physiotherapist Recommends MUTU System

I was delighted this week to be contacted by Women’s Health Physiotherapist at La Femme Physio in Kingston upon Thames, Claire Rutherford, who wrote: "...I am a clinical specialist in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and have [...]

Don’t Ignore Your Pelvic Floor

We don’t talk about wee leakage much with our girlfriends. It’s not really thought to be a topic of ‘polite conversation’. But we really should, because despite the apparent taboo, 1 in 3 women aged [...]