It’s that time of year again, the last month of 2017 has rolled round quicker than you can say turkey stuffing, and we’re frantically thinking up some kind of promise to ourselves we generally can’t keep for  longer than a few weeks into January….

Bring on the new year’s resolutions a.k.a flimsy promises you make after indulging in a little too much Eggnog over the festive period. Generally following the theme of signing up to a gym membership you don’t really want, can’t really afford and don’t have the time to make use of. Worse still are the crazy ass diet kinda’ resolutions, meaning you spend hours meal prepping with little or no results, a rumbling stomach and separate meals for you and the kids.

No. Just NO!

Instead of setting unrealistic goals that serve no other purpose than make you feel like poop, start by writing a fresh manifesto for 2018 that will actually change your life for the better. Whether this takes the form of wanting to lose a few pounds or if it runs a little deeper and you want to make some serious changes in order to feel better in body and mind, then listen up.

Think gradual lifestyle changes rather than unachievable goals. Care to join me?

Embrace the messy chaos. If when you get a spare 20 minutes you’re frantically tidying up, only to have your two year old destroy the living room in 5 seconds flat soon after, try using that time to squeeze in some ‘me time’ instead. MUTU System core workouts take 10-15 minutes a day, specifically designed for busy moms to fit around their schedule.

Spare the gym membership. ‘Half price January’, ‘couples discount’, ‘no joining fee’ can all go take a hike! There’s not much time in a mom’s schedule as it is, so making time to travel to a gym to spend an hour stomping on a treadmill is enough to make even the most motivated run a mile in the other direction. Find a plan or program that works for you from the comfort of your home. I know a really good one BTW ;-) PLUS MUTU System is way more cost effective than a 12 month gym membership.

Don’t over complicate food. There doesn’t need to be a song and dance about food. If it’s made using good, clean and nutritious ingredients then you’re onto a winner! Prepare your own food and make one meal for everyone in the family. No ‘mommy’s on a diet so she’s eating different stuff’… Stuck for inspiration? Check out MUTU Food in the MUTU System program or head to our Pinterest board for delicious ideas.

Shift your post-baby body goals. It’s drummed into us to look a certain way after we have babies but there’s no emphasis on how we feel and working towards the goal of a body that functions properly and makes us feel good. Focus first on getting your body to a place where it feels and functions as it should. If you leak a little (or a lot) when you run or jump, this needs addressing before anything else… then the rest, whatever your own personal goals are, will follow.

Give up the mom-guilt. You’re already doing an awesome job, you don’t need to up your Pinterest craft game, you don’t need to spend more time planning out daily sensory activities. Your kids are happy, they love you and you’re their world.

Stop waiting for every 365 days to roll by before you decide to temporarily prioritise your health above everything else. Try to look at it differently. Make small, manageable changes over a period of time, recognise that you ARE important and are much more use to your loved ones if you’re healthy and happy.

MUTU System is designed for moms to fit in and around a busy schedule. Can you spare 15 minutes a day? Check out the award-winning, medically recommended postpartum recovery and fitness program now >>>>