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Can you heal diastasis recti years later?

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I have lost count of the number of messages I’ve received from mothers asking one variation or another of the question “can you heal diastasis recti years later?” Mothers thinking and worrying they are totally a lost cause because they had their babies longer than 5 years ago and haven’t found the time to think about their recovery yet. Sound like you? Keep reading, I have good news! 

The truth is we never stop being postpartum, so why put an expiry date on your recovery period? 

Your ab muscles haven’t changed or evolved into something scary. You have the same muscles, albeit possibly weaker than they have been before. If you have diastasis recti the muscles have separated as well (you can learn more about that here). Your muscles have just been sitting there patiently unused and haven’t lost their ability to do their job properly again.

They just need a little help.

So, can you heal diastasis recti years later? Yes! I have mamas doing my MUTU System program whose children are now in their 20s and 30s and have long flown the nest! They discovered years after giving birth, searching for answers, and almost giving up completely that they don’t need to put up with unwanted symptoms anymore.

“My youngest baby was 32 last December! I’m a grandma 3 times over and I’m 62 + 4.5 weeks into MUTU… My tummy is definitely shrinking and I only wish I had had this program when I was first a mummy in 1980!”

I can show you how to fire up that connection again and start using your muscles properly and effectively. It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your baby, my award-winning, medically recommended program can help.

You can read reviews from our customers HERE 
Want to find out how MUTU System can help you heal your diastasis recti once and for all? 87% of women* in our NNUH NHS Clinical Trial saw improvement in their DR by Week 3. Check out our clinically proven program here and get results!

*SOURCE: Norfolk and Norwich NHS University Hospital Trial

Life-Changing Results for Moms

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    Approved as safe + effective in Clinical trials
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    Evidence based solution for fat loss, diastasis recti + pelvic floor
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    Stream Pre + Postpartum workouts on-demand from any device
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    Inclusive, expert-led support community
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    Track your step by step progress in the MUTU Hub

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