It’s letters like this that make me shed a tear (happy of course)…

No matter how long I do my job, reading stories like this, from real moms, who felt so so lost and disconnected, and now feel happy and whole again, is THE most rewarding and heartwarming thing.

I wanted to share this particular story with you as I know it will resonate and if it helps just one mom to realise that there are answers, and that painful sex and a bulging tummy aren’t something she needs to put up, then it’s a story worth sharing.

Words from Mama Kris, mom of two boys.

I just wanted to write a heartfelt thank you for your system.

I have two boys, ages 4 and 6. Early after my children, I asked my doctor about this weird gap I had noticed down the length of my abdomen. It seemed like my fingers could reach to my spine in the gap, if not for my skin. My OB brushed it off, and said it was fine and nothing to worry about. 4 years later, I began to notice problems with it as I worked out. No matter how I tried to strengthen my core, it only felt as if it was getting weaker – and bulging more. My mother had extensive surgery for hernia repair and a weakened abdominal wall, and I began to have a nagging fear that I was headed in the same direction.

With no help or direction, I began researching completely on my own from the ground up, this “gap”. I really had no idea what I was looking for, and I was frustrated that the many, many people (doctors, personal trainers, etc) I talked to didn’t seem to know much about it – or told me I would be fine to work out, that there was nothing I could do at this point. I paid close attention to my body – I knew they were wrong. After about 6 months of intensive research, I landed on MUTU System. I am 5 weeks in and I feel as though I finally have hope in my core. Even after 2 years of frequent fitness routines, I simply wasn’t connecting until now.

Completely off of my radar during all of this however, was the pain that I’ve been experiencing during sex since my first was born. That’s SIX YEARS, and would’ve been the rest of my life. I had since reconciled that I would live with this forever and to stop worrying about it. This pain was also mentioned to my doctor years ago, and also brushed off. I did not even associate it with a pelvic floor issue. She told me it was likely scar tissue from my C-section that was causing pain. So what a surprise to realize the pain is COMPLETELY GONE. I can’t believe it, it feels like nothing short of a miracle, wrapped up in so much wonderful science.

You have truly given myself and my husband a gift. I am in tears. I told myself that if I ever figured this all out, I would help other mommies in my situation, who are looking for answers. And I already am – by pointing them to the MUTU system, as you have given a piece of me back to myself that I thought was gone forever.

Thank you, THANK YOU.

Mama Kris

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