Reasons to Just Start Today + How To

You may have symptoms that irritate you, make you feel unhappy, disconnected or low. They won’t improve of their own accord, so the sooner you can get some effective strategies in place, the sooner you can enjoy a body that makes you feel great instead of glum. Reasons to start today... #1 - Your family [...]

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Pee Free Sneezing + Other Post Baby Body Facts

That moment you feel a sneeze coming, you stop walking, cross your legs and silently pray you packed a spare pair of knickers today. Sound familiar? Fun fact: Peeing yourself when you sneeze isn’t the norm and it doesn’t have to be this way, despite what you may have been led to believe by the [...]

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Tummy Talk

I saw an article pop up on my newsfeed the other day that promised to show me how to ‘Hide My Problem Areas During Sex’... Firstly, what the heck is a ‘problem area’ of my body? Should I have a warning sign or something so my husband can navigate his way round this so-called problem [...]

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Let’s Talk About Leaking

I overheard a conversation the other day about skipping and peeing. A group of moms who worked out regularly, were enjoying a post gym coffee... “Skipping...Urgh! Does anyone else find it’s just impossible to do without peeing a little?", said one mum. The next revelation stopped me in my tracks. One after the other, these [...]

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Pregnancy Exercise Tips: What, How, Why + How Much??

How do you build the stamina and strength required for labour, birth and beyond with SAFE pregnancy exercise? You can prepare your body to cope, and to recover quicker, through preparation during pregnancy: by safely staying fit and healthy, and by working with your changing body. Regular pregnancy exercise will improve fitness, maintain a better [...]

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MUTU System + Sex

When I started out it didn't occur to me that my business was about sex. But when women get strong and functional, improve their self confidence, increase their energy and restore their pelvic floor, I guess rediscovered and reclaimed Mojo's shouldn't be a surprise! All moms know that once food has been prepared, tantrums dealt [...]

Pelvic Floor Yoga

If you've ever been pregnant (which if you're here I'm assuming you probably have) you will have heard of pelvic floor exercises. They're pretty darned important should you wish to hold in your wee for the rest of your days, so well worth genning up on. Pelvic floor exercises are often called Kegels, named after [...]