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Introducing MUTU Mama Connect

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Having the right support and motivation can be the difference between giving up and admitting defeat or feeling strong and empowered. When you embark on a body healing journey, when you decide you want to feel better in your body, support is THE most important success factor. That’s why we made MUTU Mama Connect – the community for MUTU System members, the ‘MUTU Mamas’.

Where is MUTU Mama Connect?

You will find MUTU Mama Connect inside your private membership site at mutumamas.com when you join MUTU.

It is secure, exclusive to MUTU members and we answer all your questions, personally.

Who answers the questions in Connect?

MUTU Mama Connect is moderated and led by pre and postnatal certified and accredited experts, including me. (I’m Wendy btw, the Founder of MUTU. You can read more about me here).

Nicole, MUTU Pro
Nicole, your MUTU Mama Connect Manager and all-round adorable cheerleader

Our Community Manager is Nicole, a certified MUTU Pro and mum of two. Nicole joined MUTU as a customer in 2017. She was so inspired and thrilled with her results she went on to train as a personal trainer and specialise in pre and postnatal exercise. She was in my very first certification cohort of MUTU Pro’s… and then officially joined our team a couple of years years later! She’s a delight, a MUTU success story herself, and utterly committed to helping our members succeed. She’s definitely not an AI bot or robot (weight loss apps, anyone? 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Why don’t you have a Facebook group?

When MUTU first started, back in 2010, I used Facebook to engage with our customers. We had a closed group and it was a great way to get feedback and answer your questions. But the MUTU Mama community got bigger… and then bigger. And a few years down the line, there were tens of thousands in there. Which was awesome in some ways. But in others it wasn’t.

Threads about all things parenting, weaning, sleeping, feeding, holidays and shopping. Thousands of requests every day to join from people curious, but not in the programme. A gorgeous and supportive community of women for sure. But the questions about diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, painful and sex and the mental health issues attached to these symptoms, sometimes got lost. Supporting our tens of thousands of Mama through the programme became harder. There was too much noise. So we took a very deep breath and decided to FOCUS.

We coded, designed, built and tested until we had a bespoke area of our membership site designed solely with your experience and success in mind. We’re in there very day. Answering your questions, guiding, supporting and motivating you. And of course so are thousands of other mums from all around the world, celebrating, sharing, asking, supporting and cheering you on.

When you’re a MUTU Mama, you get automatic access

No pending group requests or waiting to get in. Once you’ve purchased the programme your access to the group will be immediate, just like your access to the digital programme. Connect is located right within the MUTU Mamas membership site. All in one place. So there’s no need to log in and out of different platforms or get distracted on social media.

Everyone is welcome in Connect

MUTU membership is inclusive and diverse. We welcome and want every woman and birthing person to feel safe within our community. LGBTQ+ parents are welcome. If you need MUTU, we’re here for you. My team maintain a safe space where prejudice or discrimination based on value, belief or choice are not tolerated. MUTU Mama Connect is a place where you will not be judged, shamed or called out. You have never ‘failed’, you are always ‘enough’ and you will receive the respect and loving support we all deserve. We’ve got you ♥︎

Life-Changing Results for Mums

  • Thick
    Approved as safe + effective in NHS trials
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    Evidence based solution for diastasis recti + pelvic floor
  • Thick
    Pre + Postnatal workouts on-demand from any device
  • Thick
    Inclusive, expert-led global support community
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    Track your step by step progress in the MUTU Hub

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