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Losing Pregnancy Weight – What’s Healthy and Realistic?

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Losing pregnancy weight can sometimes feel like what the world wants us to think most about after having a baby. Social media seems to tell us we should ‘snap back’ (anyone else hate that term?) right after the baby arrives, looking like we were never pregnant. It’s not the most important thing, not by a long way. But if losing pregnancy weight is on your mind, then it’s important, so let’s talk about what that looks like.

Pregnancy weight gain is normal

Stating the obvious, gaining weight gain during pregnancy is essential for your baby to grow and be healthy, but not all the gain was baby, so clearly it will not all disappear right away when your baby is born. Pregnancy weight gain comprises:

A baby 👶  Placenta 💜 Amniotic fluid 💧 Breast tissue 🍈🍈 Blood supply 🔴  Stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding if you choose 🥛🍼 (A larger uterus that houses a baby 🏠 

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Realistic post pregnancy weight loss

Every body is different. And so is every pregnancy, birth and woman. Losing weight after pregnancy can absolutely be a goal, but be sure you allow your body and mind time to heal. The weeks and months following birth are intense. Sleep deprivation, surging hormones and emotional highs and lows, as well as making peace with your new body.

Losing pregnancy weight will affected by hormones and whether or not you’re breastfeeding. Your hormone levels are fluctuating and your metabolism and physical priorities are different. So give yourself space, time, and self care. Sleep deprivation has a huge impact on hormone levels, making fat loss even more challenging. Be kind to yourself.

✔️ Core and pelvic floor recovery and foundational strength are the most important element of any postpartum exercise. Core and pelvic floor recovery takes priority over any more intensive exercise intended to help you lose weight.

✔️ Be aware of, and patient with, the factors that contribute to losing pregnancy weight. Do you have the support and energy to eat healthy nutritious and healing foods? Are you breastfeeding? Remember your body is smart, it needs extra fat and nutrients so you can produce milk. Time is always a factor, so your exercise opportunities need to be smarter, not longer. You may be heading back to work, whether or not you have a good support system, or a partner helping you, all matter. Be kind to yourself.

✔️ Take it slow and steady. Losing pregnancy weight isn’t a race. You’re going at exactly the right pace for you and your body.

Recently one of our MUTU mamas said “now that my baby is a year old I really need to start working out again.” Round of applause right here! Most of us are cleared at six weeks to go back to “normal activity” which always seems to include sex and exercise. Typically the last two things any tired mama should be worried about doing. Kudos to you for giving yourself and your body time to heal. 

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