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MUTU Free Trial – 10 Days’ Membership Completely Free!

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MUTU Free Trial

Sometimes we just need to see under the hood. To try before we buy. To be sure. So we have launched a MUTU Free Trial! Nothing to lose. If you like it, you stay in. If you don’t, then ‘no thanks’ is a complete answer, and we part with love ☺️

I know what it feels like to doubt it’ll work. Because when I didn’t really like the way my body behaved or felt or looked or responded, I felt sceptical and well, downhearted.

Why I think you’ll love MUTU

Workouts and ‘challenges’ and plans and routines. Sexy women’s bodies on our Insta grid, intended to inspire but that actually just make us feel… not enough.

Our bodies are always shifting. Through puberty, fertility, pregnancy, birth and recovery, then on we go into peri-menopause (SO me right now) and menopause… and on through every month and every phase of our lives. We deserve a body that works and feels good and strong to carry us through life.

Lack of confidence can hold us back. So can feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed, or self-conscious. Tummies and pelvic floors that don’t look, feel or work quite like we’d like them to.

This, I want to change. It’s why I made MUTU more than 10 years ago, because I needed it. It’s why I have spent more than a decade always improving our program, having it clinically trialled, approved and recommended by doctors and Physical Therapists the world over. And most of all, it’s why every one of the thousands of reviews and emails we receive telling us how much better you feel, keeps us going.

I’m confident because of all these things. Confident MUTU will work for you and that being part of MUTU will help you feel good.

Results you can expect

MUTU Free Trial

94% of participants saw an improvement in their diastasis recti within 3 weeks 

96% saw an improvement in urinary leakage within 6 weeks

87% saw improvement in their mental health and confidence within 3 weeks

And of those with prolapse symptoms, 100% felt an improvement

University Hospital Trials 2020, 100 participants

How the MUTU free trial works

Try it completely free, no risk. No obligation to continue, no contract to tie you in.


You get FREE instant access to the MUTU System program, coaching, expert support and all workouts. We take no money today, but your payment details will secure you guaranteed uninterrupted service after the trial. We’ll remind you when your trial is coming to an end so you don’t get charged without knowing.

We’ll send you a reminder when your MUTU free trial is coming to an end, so you won’t get a charge without knowing. Cancel whenever you want to.

So come on in and try us out! You have nothing to lose and all the confidence you deserve to gain.

With love, Wendy

Life-Changing Results for Moms

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    Approved as safe + effective in Clinical trials
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    Evidence based solution for fat loss, diastasis recti + pelvic floor
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    Stream Pre + Postpartum workouts on-demand from any device
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    Inclusive, expert-led support community
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    Track your step by step progress in the MUTU Hub

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