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Ab Exercises For Moms

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Ab exercises for moms are likely to be focussed on improving core strength and tone following childbirth. But postpartum exercise must focus first on recovery and reconnection before traditional ab exercises such as crunches or planks will work.

Exercise for new moms…

As a new mom, the weeks and months following birth will be a roller coaster of emotions and hormones, fatigue and overwhelm. Be sure to practice radical self-care during this time! Get as much rest as you possibly can. Ask for and accept help, eat nutritious food and stay well hydrated, especially if breastfeeding. Try to take a walk outside as soon as you feel able. The increased circulation aids healing and the air and movement will support your mental and emotional health.

Ab exercises for moms that will benefit you most are the medically recommended, proven breath-focussed reconnection exercises in MUTU System. MUTU Core techniques will get you back in touch with your deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Only when you have re-established the ability to effectively recruit and work these muscles, can you start to strengthen them.

No movement or exercise needs to be off-limits in the long term. However, in the early months of recovery, we recommend you avoid high impact exercise, as well as crunches or planks. These ab exercises may hinder diastasis recti recovery and even pelvic floor function until your core is stable and strong. Progress your ab exercises gradually and listen to your body – any warning signs like leaking, bulging, straining, shaking or discomfort – stop and back up! Building your core foundations first is a vital first phase.

…and not so new moms

As a not-so-new mom (toddlers, teens or grown-up kids!) the principles of ‘build the foundations first’ still apply. Especially if you are dealing with incontinence (cross your legs when you sneeze? leak a little if you laugh too hard or jump?) or your abdominal muscles don’t feel stable or strong.

Ready to move on? Then the next level of ab exercises for moms is all in MUTU System for you. Progressing and adding intensity and variety phase by phase, so you can move safely to the movements, activities or sports you want to do!

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